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  1. While at the National Christmas Center last year (A must if you are in the Lancaster, PA area), I was eyeballing their conveyors they had running knowing that I would tackle one sometime soon. I was looking at my pictures today so I can start planning things out, and I cannot figure out what this thing is, and where I can some like it (hopefully cheaply). It appears to be an articulated ball with some all-thread on the end so you can increase the tension on the conveyor when the fabric loosens up some. Anybody know what it is so I can google around? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I appreciate it. Today was the first rain, so we shall see if I spring any leaks anywhere....
  3. Well, I finally completed my first animated display (which many of you helped with in the forums). It is my North Pole Command Center. I have some pics and videos to it on my page for the display: http://www.tooz.us/northpolecommandcenter.html Thanks to all who helped me get it done! ~Jason
  4. I was thinking that that was probably the best bet. Would tossing a small resistor to mimic the LED be of any benefit?
  5. I am switching over to LEDs and bought a stash of them from CDI during the preorder this year. I went with the 5mm sealed 100 ct., and now I have a problem. Someone (who shall remain nameless for my own good) stepped on one of the bulbs on accident and broke the light. Since these are sealed sets, they are not designed to be replaced, so what do I do about it? I suppose I could cut out that light and make it a 99 ct. string, but do I need a resistor in place? I would hate to lose an entire light string that has 5 minutes of use on it because of one little bulb. Any ideas?
  6. I am working on a rotating dish as we speak, so I have an idea what will work, but don't know if it will work 100% (or even for multiple seasons). I am using two toilet flanges as a more ruggedized lazy susan and plan on turning it with a wiper motor. I am only going to have my dish rotate 120 degrees, so that might be a little easier. I am definitely concerned about the weight of the dish and what happens when the winds catch it like a sail, so that was why I tried to look for something beefy to mount it to.
  7. Wow, 2MB globally is pretty bad. I am starting to dump some of my project pics onto picasa, so that seems like a pretty good option. I would much rather embed them like you did than throw a link up there. Thanks for the advice. As for the radar, it does sweep around and the red dot moves and fades out as the hand moves (I had to get a PIC microcontroller involved in the project somehow). I am waiting until I finish the decorations and the finishing touches before posting some videos, but the bear on the left lifts a walkie up and down and the bear on the right rotates in his chair about 100 degrees (between the radar and a table that will be between the bears). I am hoping to get it all wrapped up soon (finish the decorations and the rotating radar dish that goes on the roof). ~J
  8. I ended up going with C7 bulbs because it was the cheapest, non-obtrusive thing I could come up with that wouldn't turn the box into a mini-sauna. Here is a link to the pic (captured from a video, so poor quality):https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/oAsOCnRFBtsOwbXZqWPBtGDfv665JIWapWT5Q50gNZ8?feat=directlink ~J BTW, is there an easy way to attach pictures to a thread? Looks like the only way is to upload them to a personal website and point to the link?
  9. That is a pretty good idea. I assume you are talking about using the strobe that goes off 130 times a minute (so around twice a second)? I was looking at the strobes you sell and they look pretty good. You don't happen to sell C9 plugs in smaller quantites than 50 do you (I didn't see that option)? i would only need one and some spares for the strobe.
  10. That is pretty interesting. What paint would work to allow light through, yet still look red?
  11. I am working on my first design to use wiper motors this year, and I went with a commercial unit (cost more than getting one from a junkyard, but less work and it has a known pinout): http://monsterguts.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=4 I have been happy with it so far, and i know people on here like the monster guts people (I have had really good success with their tech support for oddball questions about their products), but ther serious guys just go and pull one out of a junkyard.
  12. C7s would probably work good enough, I didn't realize that they were basically working the same way the blinking minis worked. I am not really concerned with any timing, I just wanted to keep the blinking down to <= 1/sec.
  13. Interesting... I have never used the twinkle C9s before. How often do they blink? Can those be had at a big box store (since I only need one or two)? Also, those have smaller bases than a standard bulb, but larger than a C7 base, right? If you don't have a cutup string to plug into, what else can be used to plug the string into it?
  14. Thank for the link. Those look pretty good, but is there a way to slow them down? I really want something that flashes about once a second (or once every two seconds). I am looking for a cheapy way to put a blinking red light on a rotating radar dish (minimal amount of external parts [like hooking up a red light with a 555 timer and an SSR]).
  15. I know this is old, but I am hoping someone might have some good pictures of the mechanical arms (from similar projects) in action. I am just trying to visualize a little better how to do this. I hope to do something similar and have been a little concerned about the weight on a store bought lazy susan. Has anyone else tried the toilet flange trick and have any feedback (a little hard to see how it is all connected in the original picture Chuck posted)?
  16. I recently stumbled across the curtain strobe howto on the website and it got me thinking about how to use them in my displays. What I really want is a red light blinking less than once a second. I figure changing the frequency of the blink should be straightforward (by following the howto), but I am not sure if there is anyone out there who makes red strobes (I have only found the white ones). Does anyone do anything with red strobes like this? Thanks
  17. What is that you used to put the lights in? Green painted plywood???
  18. Sorry, it looks like I updated the website after that post. Here is the real link: http://www.tooz.us/snowmansnowfight.html Also, here is a video of it actually in action (need to get that up on the website): Thanks for the nice words!
  19. I am finishing up my first animated box, but I cannot decide how to light I up. It is about 3 ft cubed with a slanted roof, so I don't need a lot of light, but with all that plywood it migh be dark in there at night (it has a plexi front). How do you guys light things up? Small wattage regular bulbs? Low voltage lighting? Christmas lights?
  20. OK, makes sense. What I was mostly worried about was burning up the motor or stripping something in the internals.
  21. OK, cool, thanks. Do you buy them from electronics sites, or can you find those in a store for other reasons?
  22. My first mechanical endeavor is (slowly) shaping up nicely and I am looking ahead towards a rotating dish on top of the display. I plan on using a wiper motor and lazy susan combo to make it rotate, but I am little worried about the wind. I am thinking that for simplicity the wiper motor will not be rigidly attached to the base of the dish, but I could allow some play in case things get a little out of whack (think one finger on the wiper motor shaft that sits between two pegs on the dish to allow some play). But what I am worried about is what is going to happen when I am trying to turn the dish into the wind when a gust comes through since the current will probably spike up. Is it of little concern, or should I have a fuse inline and plan on replacing regularly but know that the motor will have some protection?
  23. Looks great Dano (as usual)! I was wondering though, what kind of contact is that at the top to turn the lights on/off? It wasn't quite big enough for me to make out in the video. ~J
  24. It looks like the one low voltage supply that is outside for my flagpole light (I forgot that I owned supply) reads AC, so the transformers are definitely putting out AC. That said, I believe that the lights inside my cheapo lights I was hoping to use (http://malibulights....em=8301-9600-01) should just be incandescent, so there should be no reason running them off of 12V shouldn't work, right (sounds like I have a smoke test to try tonight)?
  25. I have some low voltage 4W lights that I am hoping you use to light up the front of one of my displays, but I don't want to drop $50 on one of those transformers from lowes. Is it possible to just use a 12V transformer if the transformer is kept in a dry enclosure? I am thinking of something along the lines of: http://cgi.ebay.com/DC-12V-24W-Switching-Power-Supply-Regulated-Transformer-/280725093384?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item415c84fc08 or http://cgi.ebay.com/75W-Westek-Low-Voltage-Halogen-12V-Transformer-/290599425984?pt=BI_Circuit_Breakers_Transformers&hash=item43a91357c0 Are there any issues with that?
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