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  1. This year I used LED strobes that blinked 1x per second from CDI. They performed well being in a static display for 8 hours per day, but they did not have the flashing strobe effect because they blinked too slow and not that brighter than the C9 LED bulbs. They appeared more like a blinking effect instead of the flashing glitter effect that I wanted. I think having strobes in a static display that is on 8 hours straight would not diminish the effect if you use them sparingly to give a glitter sparkle effect. This year I had 10 strobes mixed in with my 125 C9s along my roof line. They actually turned out nice. Next year I plan to add some to my 40 foot tree and am thinking 10-20 strobes per 100 C9s (every 10th or 5th bulb) to see if I can get that flashing glitter effect. I plan on using 300 feet of C9 with a 12 inch bulb spacing for the 40 foot tree. I am debating of trying Xenon for next year, but am concerned with the energy draw of 6-8 watt for Xenon vs 1 watt for the LED strobe. Here is a regarding the Xenon vs. LED strobes. DIY LED Express has LED strobes that supposedly flashes 4-5x per second. I think I will try their LED strobes, but also get a few Xenon to compare for next year. Post Source: Mixing Xenon Strobes With Led Retrofit
  2. I unscrewed one of the bulb in the set to inspect and it looked like it was put together with glue or some kind of silicon sealant. I saw sealant between the base and the lens and also at the bottom of the base where it makes contact with the socket. It look like low quality assembly compared to the retrofit bulbs purchased through CDI and so I decided to pass on the sale.
  3. This was my first year decorating and I can attest to the C9 retrofit bulbs looking really bright and vibrant. I am starting small and so this year I only outlined by roof and gutter with C9 retrofit bulbs and my windows with store bought C6 stringers. Although that is all I did initially, my house looked more vibrant than any houses in the neighborhood. I then added icicles purchased from HLE and my house stuck out like a sore thumb in term of brightness and color vibrancy. I am a firm believer in these C9 retrofits. Sure the costs are so much more, but the color and brightness makes it worth it for me. Next year I will be adding C7 bulbs to outline by garage and front entry and C6 stringers from PC vendors. If the C7 bulbs looks as good as the C9 bulbs, then I may just replace all C6 stringers with C7 bulbs as far as outlining my house. The only caveat with the crystal lens retrofit C9 and C7 bulbs is that you need to point them out toward the street for the wow factor. If they are pointing up or down, then I would say the effect is not so impressive and I would be questioning why I spent all the money compared to the store bought stringers. Does anyone know how the other lenses compare to the crystal lens?
  4. Based on your pictures, I think with the C9s, you can go down to 8" without the lights bleeding into each other. I am thinking of doing this for my roof (currently at 12" spacing). However, I was thinking of doing the house and windows with C7s at 6" spacing. I kind of like to see some spacing between the bulbs illumination.
  5. Are those C9s or C7s outlining your house? And what is the bulb spacing?
  6. I read somewhere that the strobes are not meant for extended use. I usually have my static display on 8 hours a day. Can I still use the Xenon or LED strobes? I plan on just adding them to my string of C9 LEDs to give a twinkle effect.
  7. Ace carries the Celebrations LEDs. Most are probably standard retail store quality, but they have the gold box Celebrations C9 stringers that have 5 diodes. The box says manufactured in the Philippine. Normal price is $50 for a stinger of 30 bulbs. The box also says you can connect up to 2 strings. Does anyone knows how good the quality of these bulbs vs. those sold from like CDI? What is the chance that these will support dimming? Why would the box only says connect up to two strings? That is only 60 bulbs.
  8. Anyone knows when Ace Hardware will be at 75% off?
  9. I purchased some lawn stakes at Lowes today at 50% discount and now it is at 75% discount (just a few hours after my purchase). Can I take the receipt back to Lowes and have a price adjustment?
  10. Then what is the difference between the LED strobes and the LED twinkling C9/C7 bulbs?
  11. This is my first year of putting up lights. I did something small (just roof outline and windows). Then I purchased icicles for next year, but they arrived immediately. So why not? I put up the lights during the week of Thanksgiving and I am going to adhere to the ending of the official Christmas season.
  12. Who says the Christmas season is over? I just spent today putting up 16 strings of icicle strings that I purchased from HLE 2014 pre-sale. They had it in stock and delivered it on Friday. Since the Christmas season is not officially over until Jan. 12th, there is still two weeks left to enjoy!
  13. bbbear92, I would be curious to read your final opinion of the strobes because I was thinking of ordering some for the pre-sale at CDI.
  14. It is good to know about the intensity when mixing with C9s. For next year, I had planned on using an inexpensive 2 channel fading controller. Oh well, I will have to find a way to get some strobes into my display. This is my first year and I can't wait to decorate for next year once I place my pre-sale orders. I will now have to Google the Rockefeller tree.
  15. Can you mix LED strobes with LED retrofits on the same string?
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