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  1. Check Darrid's stash for a Hamberger Secretary... make sure she works though.. lol
  2. Is this ebay seller on crack? or am I just far to un-intelligent to see 2700+ dollars in value for a single piece... ?
  3. is it me or does that troll look like he is from David Bowie's The Labyrinth?
  4. OK Darrid, I have been following this thread for what seems forever, only thread with as many postings other than the I'm sorry thread. (which I am sorry I have not updated in a while). I am VERY CURIOUS roughly how many Characters do you have in your collection and do you ever get to display all your finished work?
  5. Thinking outloud.... me thinks they need a biggger box.. yup... me thinks so
  6. Darrid, do you have a count of how many characters you actually have, both repaired and in progress? and how in the world do you store them without getting damaged..
  7. Sorry, the venison is gonna be a little bit tough...
  8. Darrid, you are awesome at this.. I am keeping a close eye on this thread.. its cool to watch..
  9. are you telling me you actually have to RESCUE these creations? someone HAS to be an idiot... just has to be (shaking my head in shame)
  10. unbelievable and wow, does not begin to hold a Christmas candle to that display.. but saying them just the same..
  11. Now I am beginning to think I may have seen some of the work like this. I thought the Hamberger animations were only in miniature form. Now I am wondering who does the MSU Fantasy of Lights animation.. In Wichita Falls, TX.. never have dared getting that close to see.. MSU Fantasy of Lights Website Fantasy of Lights Home video on YouTube
  12. if we go faster in some states up north we miss the entire state... only state I know that I can drive 4 hours in any direction and STILL be in the same state.. or drive 8 hours one way, and still be in the great state of Texas..
  13. Driving speed limit its gonna be 4-6 hours for me... why we are trying make a mini vacation out of it.
  14. I am going to attempt to make the academy this year.. if all goes right and i get the time off.. my daughter our youngest designer/sequencer is also going to go for the same reason.. to meet others and learn learn learn...
  15. If you are referring to the separate visualizer, after you get your channels set up in the software, Hit play in the toolbar to have it "listen" then go into sequence editor, go to play in the menu and make sure "control visualizer" is checked also, then play your sequence. it should show automatically in visualizer.. hope this helps
  16. are you referring to the visualizer software outside of the sequence editor or the animation visualizer that is inside the sequence editor.? maybe i am just not getting it. but sounds like there is confusion on the old sequence visualizer and the newer isolated visualizer that is outside the sequence editor. I primarily use the separate software as it has wizards to help you set up what you want to build.. this makes it easier for me to get to the sequencing instead of hours setting up the old visualizer..
  17. somehow I suspect that rings true.. lol..
  18. Its actually a bunch of Christmas fairies with pixel dust.. (doin' it RGB Style)
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