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  1. Snowflake Christmas cake with glittering snowflakes will make an attractive decoration over a classical Christmas cake. It is a pure white cake with glittering snowflakes. Ingredients Required Basic Christmas cake (which is of size 20 cm - round (or) else it can be of 18 cm and square too) 100 – 125 grams of white sugar-paste (trimmings of the cake, which goes waste can also be used) Edible - luster dust (Edible glitters can also be used, which will give additional sparkle to the snowflakes). Silver colored dragees cutters (snowflake cookie) Preparation Part for Snowflake Chris
  2. Decorate the Dining table, with the help of Holiday Hello Cookies, which is made of cookies designed with a holly leaf. Ingredients: 1 cup – butter ( softened) 3/4 cup – sugar (confectioners') 1/8 tsp - salt 1 tsp - vanilla (extract) 2 - egg (yolk alone, beaten) 2 1/2 cups – flour (all-purpose) Some sugar (Green, crystals) Color red and green decorators tubes, icing Red color gum (drops) Preparation: Take a mixing bowl; beat the butter with help of an electric mixer over medium and low speed. Add 1. Sugar, 2. Salt and 3. Vanilla extracts and again beat it until mixture
  3. This is a great looking dessert and will be fun when you are with your full family. They are shaped and looked like Christmas trees. You can use green and red color as sprinkles and also can use any kind of frosting for decoration. Ingredients: 1 (2oo ml) cup butter, 1-1/4 (200 ml) cups sugar 2 - Eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla 3-1/2 (200 ml) cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder Green food coloring Frosting: 4-1/2 (200 ml) cups sugar 1/2 (200 ml) cup warm water 3 spoons of meringue 1 tea-spoon - vanilla extract 1/2 tea-spoon tartar Green food coloring ( paste) How to prepare: Take a bowl; a
  4. A fun in knowing your Christmas gift in advance When it is the festival of Christmas, we all are excited for the fun that we have planned to do. We all are busy in the preparations of the Christmas. Parent are busy cooking cookies and baking cake for all of and, while kids in the house are busy making decorative for their Christmas tree. In spite of this busy schedule, none of us forget about their precious gifts. Gifts are the most exciting part of Christmas celebrations. The beautiful and especially “wish come true” gifts make everyone’s celebration even more memorable. Planning of c
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