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  • My favorite Christmas story
    When I was 14 my mom and I went into Albertsons and saw an 8 foot airblown inflatable snowman. We bought it and that started my airblown addiction
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    Texas, United States
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    I was 14 when I bought my first Airblown Inflatable, and now I own 50 ! My addiction will never stop!
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    Playing trumpet, majoring in I.T, and of course decorations
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    Work and College
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    I usually have around 6-10 inflatables per display and countless amounts of lights. Christmas is by far my biggest display.
  1. This happened to me when I had my carousel. Try plugging it in and unplugging it several times in a row once its all the way inflated. I think this resets the motor and tricks it into spinning the right directions. This worked for me several times.
  2. Alright added day pictures, and updated the night pictures with the new airblown I had to buy to replace the broken homer. Let me know what you think?! http://www.freewebs....d/christmas.htm
  3. Thanks guys!! Turned them on today after 4 days of being completely covered in 3 inches of ice. Found out that the ice destroyed my Homer santa on the right side of the lawn . So I went to Walmart and got a snowman replacement. Updated pics to come!
  4. One of my bigest displays ive ever done! 11 Airblowns, and tons of lights. Hope you guys enjoy! Took be just over a week to complete! Tell me what you think! Link to my website for pictures is bellow! http://www.freewebs.com/tomsairblownworld/christmas.htm
  5. Im sure im not the only person like this, but I cant stand the tethers that come with new airblowns these days. I tend to still use the old adjustable tethers. Does anyone know where I can but some of these tethers? Im planing a big airblown display this year and need 20 more tethers to secure all my airblowns. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys! Thought I should introduce myself! My name is Tom, and I live in Texas! I have been doing decorations sense I was 14 years old and I don't plan on stoping anytime soon! My decorations are primarily Airblowns, with some lights. I decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, with Christmas being my biggest display by far, and I plan to make this years the biggest! I was a previous member to a forum called MyHolidayDisplays with over 6000 posts, but it got shut down . So now i'm here! Im interested to know if there are any old members for there that have moved here as well? I hop
  7. Hey guys! Does anyone know anywhere I can find the attached 12ft snowman, or at least a similar one? I currently own one but its gotten old and doesnt inflate correctly. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, newbie to the forum here! Well at least to this forum, I was a member of the MyHolidayDisplays forum with over 6000 posts, but it got shut down . Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has had any experience, or knows any information about Home depots 12 foot airblowns. Any idea if its an internal or external motor, and if it inflates correctly? Thanks guys! http://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-12-ft-Airblown-Lighted-Giant-Snowman-87050/203266144#.UnAAD5SxO3M
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