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    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
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    Hickory Tavern, S C
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    I am new to all of this but enjoy Christmas lights
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    Lights, blowmolds, animation
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    Events Planner
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    Started out with a couple thousand lights now up to about 60 thousand
  1. I have been doing a static light display for many years. I want to add some motion to it next year. Actually been thinking about it for several years now. The problem I am having is deciding which company to use. I see a lot of Light - O - Rama users on this forum, but was wondering how the other companies stack up. I intend to start off small - probably will just do my mega tree the first year but have plans to expand the show immensely. I would like it to be something on the lines of Dolly Wood’s Carol of the Trees on steroids (there are several videos online). I have researched websites and forums on here, and am pretty handing with a computer (was a computer science teacher) but I have to say, all these technical terms are frying my brain. I tend learn most effectively through hands on. So here are my questions… Which company do you prefer (LOR, Animated Lighting, Midi Light, D-Light) and why? What is the maximum # of channels I can use in each (have searched websites and can’t find that info)? Any ideas and thoughts will be helpful.
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