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    I am an inventor at heart. If I need something and it's not made, or I can't afford it, I'll make it.
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    Family fun, Xmas lights, RC planes, dune buggies, making beer, inventing/making stuff.............
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    Controls Engineer
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    My display is a work in progress. I started decorating in 1996 when my wife asked me to put lights on the house. Since then we've been adding and adding and adding. We will be over 50,000 lights for 2010 with 288 channels of LOR and 25 channels of PLC animation. We are now measuring our planning time "in months", setup time "in weeks", and extension cord usage "in miles".

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  1. We've entered our first real contest! I hope we can get a few votes! http://www.facebook.com/homedepot?v=app_189232304491686&app_data=action%3Dcontest_view_entry%26id%3D1556921
  2. Are the multi C'9 that you have for sale transparent or Ceramic/opaque? Thanks,
  3. Aye! Your thinking like a Pirate!
  4. Here is how I do it! It works great! and it goes up quick and easy. http://holidayuniversity.com/forums/index.php?topic=236.msg2292#msg2292
  5. I would wait to buy them! However I'd throw some cash in the bank or invest it until you are ready to start doing your display again. As what the others have said Technology is changing quickly so are prices. If you wait your probably going to be more happy with the price an quality.
  6. Barry, Welcome to Planet Christmas!! I cover my roof and the front of my house with lights. I've got some pictures here on how I did it. http://bazillionlights.com/Tech/LightsTechLights.html
  7. Of course! You can't please everyone... I've had people complain because we were shut down due to technical issues, because my "scheduled" time shuts down too early and they can't make it, ETC. Most people have no idea of the time and effort required to put together a computer controlled display. You did right by just deleting the post. Don't let it get you upset, it's not worth it....
  8. Actually you could use only red light bulbs in the room That would do the same as the glasses!!
  9. To make it look more like Christmas You should paint the walls bright red , bright green, and white. You could do a cool plaid pattern! You could do simple stripes as well. I've seen paint thrown on walls before but it doesn't look very neat, so I wouldn't suggest that. There is always polka dots! You could even paint the whole inside of the room to look like Santa's workshop how much more Christmassy can you get!!
  10. Normally people weld wire frames together. If you don't have a welder you can get friendly with your neighborhood auto exhaust repair place. Then you could pre-bend all of your pieces then take them up there and get it welded.
  11. Great job on your display! Don't get discouraged by others.... There is and always will be someone who has a lot more time, and money to throw at their hobby. That's great for them and you really need to go see these displays because they are incredible motivators. However, your display no matter how big it is great as well. You should go out and talk to the families and kids that see your display. Then hear what they have to say!! That will be your reward if you think your display is not as good as you think....
  12. I was a little premature on posting this thread:p I was panicking because I couldn't find any green on green. My wife found some at ACO hardware.
  13. I was wondering is anyone has any green mini's on green wire brand is unimportant at this point. looking for 20-30 strings <$2.50 a string....
  14. Current draw also depends upon your sequencing. If you're not turning them all on at the same time your current draw on that controller won't be so high. I say go for it, especially if they are not all on simultaneously.
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