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  1. We've entered our first real contest! I hope we can get a few votes! http://www.facebook.com/homedepot?v=app_189232304491686&app_data=action%3Dcontest_view_entry%26id%3D1556921
  2. Are the multi C'9 that you have for sale transparent or Ceramic/opaque? Thanks,
  3. Aye! Your thinking like a Pirate!
  4. Here is how I do it! It works great! and it goes up quick and easy. http://holidayuniversity.com/forums/index.php?topic=236.msg2292#msg2292
  5. I would wait to buy them! However I'd throw some cash in the bank or invest it until you are ready to start doing your display again. As what the others have said Technology is changing quickly so are prices. If you wait your probably going to be more happy with the price an quality.
  6. Barry, Welcome to Planet Christmas!! I cover my roof and the front of my house with lights. I've got some pictures here on how I did it. http://bazillionlights.com/Tech/LightsTechLights.html
  7. Of course! You can't please everyone... I've had people complain because we were shut down due to technical issues, because my "scheduled" time shuts down too early and they can't make it, ETC. Most people have no idea of the time and effort required to put together a computer controlled display. You did right by just deleting the post. Don't let it get you upset, it's not worth it....
  8. Actually you could use only red light bulbs in the room That would do the same as the glasses!!
  9. To make it look more like Christmas You should paint the walls bright red , bright green, and white. You could do a cool plaid pattern! You could do simple stripes as well. I've seen paint thrown on walls before but it doesn't look very neat, so I wouldn't suggest that. There is always polka dots! You could even paint the whole inside of the room to look like Santa's workshop how much more Christmassy can you get!!
  10. Normally people weld wire frames together. If you don't have a welder you can get friendly with your neighborhood auto exhaust repair place. Then you could pre-bend all of your pieces then take them up there and get it welded.
  11. Great job on your display! Don't get discouraged by others.... There is and always will be someone who has a lot more time, and money to throw at their hobby. That's great for them and you really need to go see these displays because they are incredible motivators. However, your display no matter how big it is great as well. You should go out and talk to the families and kids that see your display. Then hear what they have to say!! That will be your reward if you think your display is not as good as you think....
  12. I was a little premature on posting this thread:p I was panicking because I couldn't find any green on green. My wife found some at ACO hardware.
  13. I was wondering is anyone has any green mini's on green wire brand is unimportant at this point. looking for 20-30 strings <$2.50 a string....
  14. Current draw also depends upon your sequencing. If you're not turning them all on at the same time your current draw on that controller won't be so high. I say go for it, especially if they are not all on simultaneously.
  15. The difference between half wave and full wave is the time that there is no power going through your LED. Here are three pictures to help you understand. This first picture is a snapshot of the power coming into your house. This picture shows full wave rectification. notice the short times that there is little or no power going to the LED. When no power is going to the LED it is off. This picture shows half wave rectification. Also note that LED's only light up on the top half of the wave when AC is run through them. I hope this helps,
  16. I've had this happen when I have the same ID on two different boards. The best way to fix it is isolate it from the rest and then set the address to what you want. Then add it back into the network.
  17. Since it's a PC controller make sure your spade terminal didn't com off of the terminal for your incoming power on that side of the card. Make sure you check the power and neutral terminals...
  18. It turned out great!!!I wish I had the time and $800 laying around!!!
  19. What? That's a weird one! That sounds dangerous...A wire that's undersized will still burn even if it's short in length....Where did that rule come from?
  20. I have 12 dedicated 20 amp circuits and a 200A service, and the same thing happens at my house. What i have found is the voltage drops on the whole house when there is a substantial load. This can be cause by a few things not necessarily anything you can fix. If the power feed coming into your house from the pole to the house is too small. This will cause voltage drop when a large load is put on your panel. If there is a bad connection at the transformer, at the pole, or at the house, this can cause voltage drops as well. If the transformer is undersized. We have all three of these issues. The power company has been out twice and said our hookup is "adequate". However. they don't realize that I am pulling 210A when all my lights are on which is way over the recommended wire size that they have run. There is nothing I can do unless I find an engineer at Detroit Edison that is willing to stop by and take a look...
  21. I just use 40 watt standard bulbs. I want to make sure there visible in front of my house:p For my main "singer" in my pumpkin choir I used a 130 watt!! It was easy to see that one!!! Use caution if they are on more than off they could get too hot and melt the plastic.
  22. Great job on the sign!!! How big is it? BTW: A little hint on taking pictures at night...Always use a tripod. Your pictures will turn out much better! If you don't have one improvise by using the roof of a car, ladder or even a tree. If it's real dark I even use the built in timer so that the button press doesn't giggle the camera.
  23. Intermission by Blur was a real pain.... The timing gets faster and faster all the way to the end of the song. Not one single cut and paste possible.
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