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  1. Build 2x2 Base frame OR use PVC 1" frame, Paint with Black color, and Hold down with Sand Bags on both Side, Something like this http://www.holdman.com/christmas/star/
  2. Here is link. That what i got. Chinese shipping or u may search for USA. Its indoor rated. If u going to get another, make shure it has colling fan! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Red-Green-Mini-Laser-Stage-Light-DJ-Disco-Light-Party-Club-Projector-Show-Nice-/370962424484?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Single_Units&hash=item565f1562a4
  3. Red and specially fluorescent green and yellow - it took lots of coats. For some reason when painting - its almost transparent, and u can see imperfection from previous layers.... i Start with brush, that even worse - i can see strikes, so i switch to small foam roller- that was much better and faster. John, Michaels store right next to me, can u send link with paint u use, i went to store only can see regular paint.
  4. Window: Virtual Santa and Halloween - some zombis
  5. Finally its Out, , I wold like to say personal thanks to john venturi and Eggbah for your support and HELP!!! Second Year we doing Display, Just moved in 2 yers ago to out neighborhood. Cut Out - first time in our live , but it was fun for whole family. Fireplace "double-use" for both Halloween and Christmas, flip it around for other holiday. with Flames from spirit Halloween store. Here some pics.
  6. I guess I'm going to home depot tonight! Thanks a lot!
  7. Hahaha, i live in los Angeles area. U can imagine! I like ur bliss setup!
  8. Be very careful!!! This is Laser that pointed to sky. Some beams Will miss tree or house and will go to open sky!!! In California if cops chopper see ur light u in BIG TROUBLE! I use similar lasers for my Halloween. But i mount them on pole or under eve and point DOWN!!! U can get better from ebay. Chinese with 2 color green-red with cooling fan for about 25! Ps. Be also careful with reflecting materials!
  9. If so what brand to use? My Santa has lots of white color. Im afraid of yellowing over time.
  10. Newbie here! First year doing cutouts, from cabinet grade plywood. 2 layers of primer. 2-3 layers of HOME DEPOT sample paint! All done. Do i need seal or not. CALIFORNIA weather. Will rain 2.3 times and display on front yard with sprinklers? Any help would be appreciated!
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