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  1. You are welcome! My favorite part of the Mini was seeing all the talking going on and sharing of ideas. It was a lot of fun.
  2. The pictures of the Mini are posted on https://www.facebook.com/floridachristmas
  3. Heading to the Florida Mini. Will post pictures on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/floridachristmas
  4. You may want to bring a drink to have before lunch or after. We will have something to drink during lunch.
  5. Totally understand. I have a dog and she is like another daughter to me. I pray she recovers soon.
  6. Sure Sure bring them on. Thanks for sharing.
  7. The Florida Mini is tomorrow, March 23rd. 10am-3pmish. Cost: $16 per person. Tonight, March 22nd is the dinner at 7pm. Cost: Each person pays their own bill.
  8. One more day until the Friday night dinner. We are having dinner at: Celebration Town Tavern 721 Front St Celebration, FL 34747 (407) 566-2526 Date: March 22nd Time: 7:00 pm Cost: We will each go and buy our own dinner. Website: www.thecelebrationtowntavern.com If you want to go just meet us there. Right now 6-10 will be there.
  9. 6 days until the Friday night dinner in Celebration Florida. Several of us decorators are meeting at a restaurant. If you would like to join us let me know. The Florida Mini is in one week. Registration is closed.
  10. The 2013 Florida Mini is so popular (52 attendees and 6 maybes) we are going to close registration. Please notify by email or messaging Michael Beason that you are going for sure. [email protected] We will start a waiting list for anyone new. We are having a Friday Night dinner, at: Celebration Town Tavern 721 Front St Celebration, FL 34747 (407) 566-2526 Date: March 22nd Time: 7:00 pm Cost: We will each go and buy our own dinner. Website: www.thecelebrationtowntavern.com Notify: Michael Beason, [email protected] The Florida Mini: Date: March 23 Time: 10am-3ish pm Cost: $16 per person- Payable at the door. Location: Celebration Golf Club House inside the Windmill Tavern Restaurant. Address: 701 Golfpark Drive, Celebration, FL 34747 Phone:(407) 566-4653 Selling Your Items: Please bring any items to sell. It is a good idea to post on PC or LOR forums. You may sell before 10:30, during lunch, and afterwards. WIFI available so bring your laptop, tablet, etc… Projector and computer set for presentations and for sharing. Lunch: (Included) Build your own deli sandwich with selection of Boars head meats Assorted Cheeses and condiments Chef Choice soup of the day Cole slaw Fresh Baked Cookies Iced Tea & Water This will be served buffet style Hotels: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/mcocb-bohemian-hotel-celebration-autograph-collection/ http://www.radisson.com/kissimmee-hotel-fl-34747/flkissim http://es.melia.com/estados-unidos/florida/melia-orlando-suite-hotel-at-celebration/index.html http://www.parkwayresort.com/ Agenda: Tentative 9:00 -10:00 Set up and meet any early birds. 10:00 Meet and Greet - Meet each other and get to know each other and make some new friends. 10:30 Welcome all. Introductions and display information from attendees. 11:00 Using LOR on Multiple houses, Coro, and Using Projectors 11:45 RGB: Types and applications 12:30 Lunch 1:30 Photographing Your Display 1:50 Running a Large Display 2:20 LOR 3:00 Door prizes and 50/50 3ish Wrap it up. Selling items before lunch, and after.
  11. You are welcome! See you both in ten days!
  12. Sorry to hear about your cat. I know from experience how hard it is when a family pet is suffering. Take care and thanks for letting me know.
  13. We are having a Friday Night for dinner at 7:00 pm at Celebration Town Tavern 721 Front St Celebration, FL 34747 (407) 566-2526. If you would like to join us please let me know so we can reserve enough seats. You can post it here or message me.
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