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  1. RobertB: First of all, that video is amazing. Even if I had all the time and money in the world, I simply don't possess that much creativity to pull something like that off. Amazing! I love your idea for your dormer windows. My gables are quite a bit larger than your dormers, but the shape is the same so the concept could still work. Did you hold them in place in any way? I'm surprised a brisk wind can't knock them off...?
  2. I knew I'd find some great answers here. The idea of using PVC with the broomstick clips is pretty cool. On my steep gables I may go with metal conduit since it will be more rigid (albeit also heavier) but that would allow me to install from the low side of the gable angle and clip into a clip up higher without having to extend the ladder that extra 6-8 feet. I think the PVC may flex too much for that purpose. OK, the gears are turning. This gives me some food for thought.... I'll be at Lowes in the AM cobbling together prototype parts. Thanks guys.
  3. I have a two story house with a rather ominous elevation and front facing gables. And my front yard is angled towards the street making the roof seem higher than it is. Compared with many of you I'm a minimalist choosing just to outline my front facing perimeter with C7's (maybe moving to C9's). I also outline the vertical elements on the brick with 6 runs. I currently use shingle/gutter clips for the roof line and hot glue on the brick to connect the base of the sockets. I'm probably breaking some cardinal rule of Christmas light hanging with this method, but it's worked ok for me.
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