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  1. My Home Depot was holding out on the goods.
  2. Both, but I haven't had any issues with anyone pulling the icing off. It's a pretty tough little house. It has rained just about every weekend plus a few very, very windy days and everything stayed in place. If anyone does accidentally pulls off the icing, that's ok - I still have 3 tubes of caulk. I was more worried about my husband messing it up during the breakdown today. One change that I must make before next Christmas is that I have to shoot a few nails into the presents. Hot glue didn't hold up well at all. Guess that's what I get for being lazy and not turning the compressor on for a few nails. (side note: 2 pinched nerves kept me away from the old fashioned hammer at the time of construction)
  3. Thank you all for the compliments! This is what I used: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Sioux-Chief-3-4-in-Pick-Up-Talon-with-Nail-25-Bag-HD556-3PK3/203255186#.UsjZffRDua8 I used 3/4" talon clips for the 1/2" pvc pipe - I didn't really measure my spacing, just put one at the first couple of inches, one or two in the middle, and one the last few inches for each section. My sections are not long at all thanks to the way my house was designed. I only used 31 clips, 32 if you count the one I left on top of my gutter - oops. I did swap sides that the nail is on. I wanted the thicker part of the clip along the house so I could pop off the pvc easier. I've thought about buying more clips and nailing them into the studs in my basement so I could store the lights a little better than shoving the pvc into a tall wardrobe moving box. OCD is one of my many middle names! Took it to a new level today when I made ornament storage trays to go inside of the rubbermaid boxes, but that's not the OCD part...I labeled each spot for every single ornament that I have.
  4. Buy or make some stakes and attach your plugs to the stakes with electrical tape. It is the easiest to work with in my opinion - stays put when wet and easier to remove than duct tape. Not the most attractive look but better than hunting around every store for the 3 outlet stake things that may be sold out. If you really want to waterproof it, you can build a little box to go over it. After losing all of my Christmas lights last year, some due to age, lost some due to my own stupidity, I have learned my lesson. Keep it high and dry!
  5. It would be so easy to figure out the jerk that sent the letter. Process of elimination. Involves a lot of baking and cookie tins with a manger scene...hand deliver to each neighbor and study their body language and tone of voice. Easy to spot 'em. They probably wouldn't waste their time, but I would. I like a good challenge and that would be an amusing one to take on. <----- see the reindeer? That's how I look when I get a crazy idea
  6. So for the last few days, I have been replacing 3-4 C7 bulbs (each day, not total) on one of my holly bushes outside. Really getting sick of it and I didn't want to throw the blown bulbs away, so I have kept them for future crafts (got to keep the 7 yr old entertained during Christmas break!). I'll go outside to check on bulbs or tinker with random things and I've been noticing that a lot of bulbs are out. Well, on my 10th one, I turned it to the right by accident. Dear God, it worked. I found 4 other bulbs out, turned them to the right - they work too. I could not figure out how they were becoming loose, my c7s on my house are fine. So I went to the mailbox, I heard some rustling in the bush as walked back to the house. BIRDS. Birds are trying to steal my bulbs, two of them! Who am I? Tippi Hedron? I didn't know birds could even do that. These are not big either - smaller than a robin. That explains why the minis on the other holly bushes are always moved around. Is this a common problem? I'm glad I kept the bulbs for when they really do burn out or a bird manages to steal one.
  7. http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/12/18/neighbors-letter-newton-massachusetts-christmas-lights-are-flagrant-display-religious Disclaimer: This is not my house. I'm in GA, not MA. I just read this story on facebook. I feel bad for this family. They received a letter from a cowardly neighbor stating, "not everybody in the neighborhood is Christian, and many people do not wish to see such a flagrant display of your beliefs ... religious matters aside, your decorations are beyond tasteless. They are cheap, tacky and kitschy and a terrible eyesore." Really? How rude!
  8. My motto is derived from Blake (Baldwin's character from Glengarry Glen Ross) instead of ABC, always be closing, I say ABP: always be planning!
  9. I started thinking about next year before I put my first light on my house! Never to early to start planning
  10. Keeping the glitter companies in business since 1980!

  11. Thank you! I thought about doing that too! But I couldn't find anyone that would part with one at a price I liked. Rustoleum makes a great spray paint for plastic. Just an idea - you could hot glue the cheap plastic candy canes to it.
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