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    We organize over 2 miles and a million lights in a drive-through light park. It is always rewarding to see people who are feeling low when they arrive to leave smiling.
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    Tampa, FL
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    Recently moved to NY
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    computerized lighting and sailing
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    electronics supply chain
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    3rd year display and a really, really big yard this year
  1. I'm looking for a source for 2, 3 & 4 channel mini controllers. Just a simple cycle controller that comes on when powered up and continuously repeats the same cycle. No programming needed. For example, to make a dog's tail wag back and forth or a Santa's hand waving. I need several so looking for an economical solution. Second question, does anyone know how to fix the above controllers which have stopped working? Thanks for you help.
  2. I'm having a very high failure rate on my LED strings (2nd year) where 1/2 of the string is out at the resistor pack. This is happening mostly on 50 and 70 count string lights. These lights are from PC vendors with sealed bulbs. Is there anyway to salvage a string of lights by cutting something out, bypassing something or taking two working 1/2 strings and combining. These strings are on wire frames and have not been fade cycled at all. What would be causing the failures?
  3. We successfully used over 40,000 of these clips on 1/4" wireframes. it's a unique design that allows the lights to lay on their sides. Some of the edges are a bit rough but still manageable. 9000 for $45 http://www.christmaslightclips.com/christmaslightclips.htm
  4. Hi Mike, For some reason your message just showed up today. Yes, we live in Macedon just off hwy 350. We had about 60,000 lights and 224 channels last year. We were amazed that everything held up really well. We added a website barnesrdlights.webs.com and some videos. They aren't the greatest quality but at least we got some shots of it this year. Please feel free to contact me [email protected] 813-494-5678

  5. SeaGypsy Are you located around the Rochester NY area? I live in Webster. I my memory serves me Surfersteve (Auburn NY) gave me your name last year. I am trying to make more Christmas light contacts in the area and I know of one other person in Fairport who has their lights sync. to music. Mike

  6. Hey there we are in outskirts of Rochester on the east side. Running 60,000 lights and 224 LOR channels. We are just now building our website [email protected]
  7. We live in the Rochester area. Definitely interested in a NY Mini
  8. Checking in from Macedon, NY a suburb of Rochester on the East side. Multiple wind storms took us down this year.
  9. Did you get your plugs to work? I have vampire plugs from Novelty Lighting SPT2 with 18 ga wire. I made up 500 ft of cords with not one problem. I just receive my new shipment (1000) ft of wire from Americord. It looks the same, fits the same in the plug but only 1 or 2 plugs are working on my new wire. I've taken the working ones apart and the non-working ones and there appears to be no difference. I'm looking for any ideas. I'm wondering if the insulation is thicker and I need to manually pierce the wire.
  10. I'm looking for recommendations on buying standard colored flood lights. Last year I bought the Walmart brand and some didn't even work for one evening. These are the outdoor variety and will be exposed to weather since I'm in upstate NY.
  11. Hi Mike, Great to meet you. I've been emailing back and forth with SurferSteve through a business contact. I'm excited to meet people who are into animated lights. My Dad and I were building leaping arches today. I know it's a bit early, but time does fly buy. I'm really glad we got going. You can email me directly at [email protected] if you want. I just happened to be on this site looking for something tonight. I live in Macedon by the way. Stephanie

  12. Sea_Gypsy, I got your name from SurferSteve in Auburn NY, he told me to drop you a line and introduce myself. I am mramsey and live in Webster, NY I also have D-light ACX16 boards (3) and have just run a 50amp sub panel out to my garage to power them. This is my 2nd year at animating my lights. I have more outlets than lights but I guess that leaves room to grow for the next couple of years. I know SurferSteve start a thread on having a wester NY mini. I am all for that I also found a guy in Rochester who is working on lights also http://t2lights.com/christmas/projects.html is his web site. Anyways thats a little about me Mike

  13. I can use 140's if I can't find a smaller strand. I want touse them on a wireform train wheel so that I can animate each train car separately. The 140 set would force me to wire 2 cars together making it difficult to store also. Anyone have an idea how to do the wheels to look like they are moving. I do have another option of using a L-O-R channel to operate them
  14. Hey, I'm looking for clear chasing lights in a 70 light string to do the wheels on a train wireform. Any ideas where I can find them? I'm located in Tampa, FL
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