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    We were driving home from a christmas party (before cell phones) I must've been about 5 or 6 the tire blew out of our vehicle and we lost control and partially wen into the ditch my father said just sit back and go to sleep ill keep an eye out for help this was on christmas eve wouldnt you know it after about an hour a wrecker pulls up what is the tow truck driver wearing a full on santa clause costume of course at age 5 i thought santa saved us
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    waterloo Ia united states
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    Im 22, I love football, and racing, and as of 2013 its my second year owning a house and 2nd year decorating.
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    *stated above
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    Cabinet builder
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    Blue thats her and my favorite color thats what we did last year and for now were sticking with it
  1. youd be surprised what you can accomplish in a week in highscool i used to trim trees on the side for extra cash and i used the same setup i had a linemens harness and an electric chainsaw with an 80 ft extension cord but thats not what im getting at my parents had about 4 acres of ground infront of the house and my father made sure it was lit and his two boys were the elves while he played santa claus and in a weeks time we had accomplished the feat they have a paved path through there yard people use to drive through and see the displays but one year a family of four was killed when i was ab
  2. It's been a few years but in highschool i climbed alot of trees and for a 50 foot tree they suggest about 3000 lights i was planning on buying 4 or 5000 just because my tree has alot of branches i thought about renting the cherry picker but to wrap the tree branches you would have to climb the tree at some point wouldnt you that bucket will be too big to get in towards the trunk
  3. Ya last year I just put the lights on the house and they were just your generic blue mini lights this year the mrs. decided she wanted icicle lights im pretty sure next year we are going full l.e.d. I grew up with a father who always went nuts for christmas so im not exactly new to it but i am new to doing my own
  4. Ok, this is my first time ever wrapping a tree with lights. It's a maple, not even sure how tall it is. I plan to use led's, because you can generally connect alot more of them without shorting out. I was planning to purchase a harness for linemen or tree climbers, and just climb to the top strapping myself to branches on the way up and down. It's a long way up there, id imagine like 40 feet. I was just wondering if any of you have tips for me or not? maybe someone has a better plan on how to do this. I dont exactly have access to a cherry picker. My decoration funds have haulted this year
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