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    Is a story I wrote for kids of all ages, with many pics. to go with the story. The title is "The Year Santa Almost Canceled Christmas"
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    We live in FL. 37 yrs. orig. from PA. we love decorating for Christmas, the outside is for others to enjoy, the inside is for us.
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    decorating, gardening/landscaping, crafts/painting and writing, I am published online also live theater.
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    It is huge, won 1st. place for Xmas lighting in 2012, and added so much more for this yr. No blow ups all very classy and done to perfection, because we are that way about everything! LOL

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  1. http://Video link https://youtu.be/9s3SOS24YkY Can not find a thread for our display since it is a normal display no computerized anything, but it is huge all 4 sides of our home, plus you will see our inside is lit more then most of those who only do the front outside. You can see it all here on my Utube channel. And P.S. this is all done by 2 oldies ages 76 (wife) and 83 ( hubby) no outside help! I (wife) do all videos, photo's editing making the complete video & adding the music. And we get 1200 to 1500 visitors each year to view it and we make it into our local paper as well. Also take note, our display is carefully thought out, not just put out lined up like soldiers or tossed hither & yon, it is actually designed, by me (wife) and staked/ tied down and wired up and checked on each day bulbs replaced or whatever by hubby. Video link https://youtu.be/9s3SOS24YkY
  2. My inside is up, outside to come soon, Enjoy!
  3. Very nice, I had or have most of those Xmas ceramics and quite a few more, mine were mostly Hallmark, are yours? the tiny Santa ones some of mine had clips on them to clip on the Xmas tree branch. I still have a box full but have not put them out for years, no red & green in my Xmas color scheme for years either. I do have the memories of my mother and I hitting all the Hallmark stores the day after Christmas and scooping up all the ceramics we could get. LOL
  4. Check out my new 2016 it didn't post correctly at Videos the first try, it is there but many miss it. Video:
  5. a close up look at my tree 2016, display video to come later
  6. I like your lighted manger scene (saw it on 2015 Display Pics PLEASE). We've been shopping around for one to no avail.
    Is that custom or did you buy it someplace?
    Would you happen to have a closer picture of it too?


    1. Aputernut


      I purchased this  nativity online, which is called halographic a few yrs. ago and have not seen it online since anywhere, if you use your search engine you will find some although not exactly like mine.



  7. Please enjoy my new video we've added many new things plus a laser show on our cul de sac
  8. This is our display for 2014 hope you all enjoy it.
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