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  1. It wouldn't be A light display without at LEAST one monkey wrench! Glad to hear you took the "Doc's" advise! The funk passed! That's ONE success! Your TFT drive, makes TWO! Congrads on that! We also did A Toys for Tots drive. I can't think of A better charity that is SO focused on Christmas to have as A benefactor of our lights! Seems to fit like A glove! We've been asked SO many times, if we accept donations, for the power bill, etc. The answer was always, no. That's why I go to work every day! Well, that and the mortgage! I'm just upset that it took me THIS long (11 ye
  2. For the reverse. Not sure if it was J.C.Pennys, or Macys. But they had A mail box in the front of the store. The kids could drop off their list to Santa, WITHOUT POSTAGE! The store would cover that! But they GUARENTEED delivery to the North Pole! We did that for a few years, then Santa changed A bit for my eldest. But my youngest still has the classical belief. Scott
  3. LOL! Awesome! All that's missing is the cane in the corner! Too funny, that this is on 34th street! Miracle on 34th street, has GOT to be on most peoples top 5 Christmas movies list! Scott
  4. P.S. Funk has been canceled. My wife spent an hour on AL's web site trying to diagnose the problem. Turns out that little fingers HAD touched little switches, AGAIN! Of course, when asked who did, it the answer was.... "NOT ME!!" What a surprise. So funk ebbing, now grabbing that beer I mentioned, perhaps two. I'm going to shut off the living room lights, and watch and LISTEN! to the lights with my AWESOME wife! P.P.S. I FULLY EXPECT the "funk" to return IF another tech glitch happens, or WHEN it's time to put away all my lights! That's the funkiest time for me, usual
  5. SOS canceled! Little fingers DID mess with the settings Up and running on time! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott
  6. www.reinders.com Not even sure they even sell incandescent replacement bulbs. But with todays LED tech. Who'd want them? LED's are the way to go. Higher purchase price, yes. But you gain that back 10 fold in longevity and electric savings. And they do sell screw in LED's for C9's I asked Lori, I THINK she said her C9's have 11? LEDS per bulb. Not certain of that. But it's close. I ordered a gross of strings from them for the first time this year. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. Scott
  7. Shadow, I think the "doctor" just became the "patient" All wired up finished with 4 hours to spare, minus some "tweeking" that can be done after going live. Very excited I'm riding a high. I bench tested the MB, the new cards, the new controller last week. All I have to do is put the show on at 2pm to make sure all is well, and I can grab a beer and RELAX! Sounds great right? Except when I flipped the "switch", all I got is a show, no music. The 3,4,5,6,8,14 letter words started FLYING! Away from the kids of course, Actually I SAID very few of them, but THOUGHT ALL OF THE
  8. I have the older style MB. Bench tested system last week, no issues. New cards, speakers, transmitter. all worked flawlessly. Now, I have a show, but no sound. No "play" light on the MP3 side of the MB. I'm confident the audio equipt works (tested elsewhere). If any of you have an Older on with a RED switch box on the back side marked "settings" and above that A dial marked AO. Could you tell me how YOURS are set? My "settings" are all over to the right side (viewed from the back) My AO dial is set to A. I've had issues with Lil fingers changing these settings.
  9. I have diagnosed your condition. It's called "The Christmas Funk". I had a BAD case of it last year. I walked into Lowes for weed wacker line at the end of August. They had TWO FULL ISLES already set for Christmas! Did I mention this was in AUGUST! Well, THAT took my spirit and flushed it completely down the toilet! It's AUGUST!!! Bad words ensued! Setting last years display was the worst EVER! Simply because of my mind set. But I did it none the less. You have the SAME condition. Granted, from a different cause. Good news is, it's curable! Put the distraction out of y
  10. Some of you know me as A 20 year EMT. For whatever reason, I was reminded of A call I responded to three years ago, I think is worth sharing. It's the darker side of what we do, but I think it's worth mentioning for when the "unthinkable" happens. To my knowledge, the person this happened to, is not a member of this site. We responded to a call of a person that fell off a ladder. He was trying to hang a star at the apex of his garage's roof. He over reached. The ladder was at an unsafe angle to begin with. Bad things happened. LUCKILY, he lived to decorate the following
  11. Exactly my point. What works for me, Python, donbaldi, or Chris, may not work for you. And that is perfectly fine! What I do works for me. THIS is what works for Python, Don and Chris. Guaranteed it WON'T be what works for YOU! But that's the beauty of this site. Take an idea from this guy another from that guy, put them together and you have something that works for YOU! We can guide you. Tell you the mistakes we've made, and you will STILL make your own. Because we did too! Bottom line is, what gets YOUR lights up the fastest. Like many here, I have a deadline. I MUST be
  12. I frame my windows with C-6 Led's. No window is exactly the length of a string. So, I must "double wrap" (go past my starting point on the window, and retrace the first layer of string). As my house is 120' from the road, you can barely tell I did this. And there is so much going on, I think I'm the only one that notices. Another thought, but more labor intensive, black electrical tape. Tape over the extra bulbs. No one (even you) can tell there are extra. Downside, that string MUST be marked solely for THAT window for next year. More labor. One of my windows, 1 string leave
  13. Tip from a fireman. When laddering ANY roof, 3-5 rungs (steps) should be above the roofline. It's one feat to get up on the roof, quite another to get back down! Also A stable base. If it wobbles when your on the 3rd step...not a great idea to go on to the fourth. Your gut is your best defense. "Does this FEEL safe?" I wanted to post a link for ladder safety here, but all sites I found were pay sites. If anyone can find a free site on how to throw a ladder, I'm sure it would be beneficial to all here. Perhaps post it in it's own forum?
  14. gmac, when the time comes, can you post a pic of that? I like both your ideas.
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