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    Mostly LED multi color lighting. My big purchase in 2013 was changing over from C9 old bulbs to C9 5 diode retrofits. This are installed on the outline of the house. Have 4 large palm trees that take up many c6 lights. Bushes, etc. Have 2 santa inflatables, penguin, rudolph, Xmas tree, and the star, Thomas the Tank engine

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  1. I cut the wires close to the defective bulb and then use a wire nut to connect, wrap in electrical tape, and then use shrink tubing to seal. I do not use the Pods. Am I doing anything wrong??
  2. They are pretty common now. I find that it works pretty darn good. ONe thing is to trouble shoot in a darker area so you can see the bulbs better. http://www.creativedisplays.com/siteresources/data/files/2013%20ledkeeper.pdf
  3. There is a led lightkeeper that does identify the bad led bulb that you have to deal with. http://www.creativedisplays.com/product/1075/ I have had very good success with this. If the bulbs are replaceable, then probably the leads are rusted and can be replaced. If the bulbs are not replaceable, once you find the bad diode, I cut the wires and use a wire nut to connect them and then use heat shrink tubing. Net lights are challenging.
  4. What do you mean by a regualr socket? Do you mean that it fits a C9 bulb which is a standard intermediate, E17 base socket. If so, then the led pure white led will work. Search for retro fit led christmas lights If you are talking about mini lights, it will not work to my knowledge.
  5. Thomas the tank engine gets a lot of positive giggles from the little kids. Lots of pictures with him although that screws up the lights on the grass sometimes. But that can be fixed.
  6. I have 2 queens with about 420 on each, then 1 queen has about 210 and the king palm has about 490. This year, the 2 queens grew a bunch as I had to add about 140 more lights on each. I would not mind some snow some days....for an hour or two. San Diego does not get much snow.
  7. I am looking at building my first tree. I was going to make a center pole that is 10' foot high or so. I guess it depends on the length of the c6 LED lights that I will buy. My question is what is the normal suggested width between lights attached to the base circle. I hope I described this ok.
  8. Net Lights have to be worst ones to try and fix. If I had more patience, I probably could do it, but I would trash.
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