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  1. Screw one of those stakes that come with the inflatables in the ground behind him and use wire to attach him to the eye of the stake. or Pull the bulb out temporarily, pour some sand and shake it to the opposite end from the bulb and reinsert bulb.
  2. Are you repairing instead of replacing for a reason? If you have a Target store near you, they have their pumpkin trick or treat buckets for .10 each. A few years back I bought 85 for $8.50 and gave them to the kids at our party. Kathy stacked some and wrapped them with garland to use as decorations at school and I thought about punching a hole in the bottom and making an arch with lights.
  3. Kathy went into Target and the decorations were marked down on Monday 75%. The workers said it was supposed to go down more but wouldn't say when. Well, I went by first thing after work Tuesday morning and it had been marked down to 90%. They had some plastic pumpkins for $30 that did not look like much until you pressed the "TRY ME" button, It had LED lights inside that lit up and the lights for the mouth were synchronized to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. They had 4 left. They are motion activated. Pretty neat. I bought all 4. Hard to resist for $3 each. I don't think most people realized
  4. Well, a box here and a box there. We are up to 5 boxes, Just need one more to completely go across the front of the house. Kathy wants to take the Gemmy LED bulbs we had been using for the last 3 years and put them on arches on the picket fence. I told her we won't need as many sets for the fence. We have had a Gemmy 3 tree light show set from Lowes' that we used for the last 5 years but last year we had some problems with it. Did not get a chance to work on it to try and get it fixed. There were not many in the stores, in fact we had to drive 50 miles to find one. The display ones were even
  5. You might need to add some of kind of padding if you slide the molds over rebar or pipe to prevent the bulbs from being busted. Water pipe wraps works good.
  6. Kathy saw these on QVC and got really worked up about them. She bought 2 sets and wants to put them across the front of the house. They actually only have 10 ft lighted the rest is the plug and lead wire. She ran them for a while yesterday and they are pretty cool. Just don't know about buying 4 more sets. That's over $200 even with a discount.
  7. Joel

    My 1St Guard

    Kmart advertises them online for about $24.
  8. Uh Michael, try to keep from cutting up the feet this year. Blood is not a food special effect for Christmas.
  9. Check the price for getting them from the junkyard. If they charge for the labor, it might be pricey unless you find one where you take it off.
  10. Christmas Light Show has just come out with a new ad. http://www.christmas...4&cat=26&page=4 This should get you to the Led fixer. I wish I had known there would be one of these out before I threw about 1/2 a trashcan of leds away prior to 2011 Christmas.
  11. Looks good to me, once you restring all the reindeer. Might add a ropelight from sleigh to front of reindeer for reins. Maybe a sack of toys or stacked of wrapped boxes in the sleigh. Have you got any elf blowmolds that you can put around the sleigh to load up the presents?
  12. How many lights do you have so far? What you might do is run some more sets from the 6 foot mark down to the ground to fill up the gap, instead of all the way to the top.
  13. Lowe's in Milledgeville starting setup. Nothing big yet. Only inflatables out right now are Halloween.
  14. Lowe's in Milledgeville, Ga is just starting to set up their Christmas display. They have the layout for different lights, looks like a lot of space for LEDs this year. Haven't seen their big items yet. Kmart looked like they had at least half of their Christmas up and waiting for Halloween to move out so they can bring the rest out.
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