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  1. If you weren't going to use this for other things throughout the year, I would have recommended a desktop, more computer for less money. Unless you are buying a used one, I would not recommend XP. Windows 7 will work well, but if you buy new many are charging more for Windows 7 than Windows 8 now.
  2. This is a pretty good choice, very clear beat to give you background. If you are like me, your first one will be more of a learning than anything... you will learn more and more, then come back to it and realize you could have done so much more with it. Enjoy!
  3. Gemmy has a system that will allow an iPod to be hooked up, and it comes with a small speaker. It will not transmit over FM though, you would need an FM transmitter for that. It doesn't synch real well, but I have used it in the past and people liked it.
  4. That's OK, we admire you while they are up
  5. Took all mine down last weekend, with a little help it took about 8 hours total. Odd to see my yard empty and nothing hanging on my house
  6. I may be interested in the pink and yellow... I assume 8 strings of each or is it 16 of each?
  7. If you are just starting, RGB probably is a bit intense. I primarily use LOR controllers with various light colors, but am working on some RGB stuff now to see if I can get it working the way I want. I completely cover the roof and walls with both clear and multi-color lights, then use other colors in different areas. For example, I have a "rainbow tree" on the front lawn that uses pretty much the colors of the rainbow. I have seen all white lights, and it has a great classy look to it. During my intermissions I cycle slowly through different looks, at one point during the cycle having onl
  8. Had the OP posted like this.... I would have responded completely different. But I didn't read it that way, it sounded more like he is suggesting that making the lights beat in time with the music is "Mickey Mouse", or lower quality. I do a little of that at times, depending on the song, and it is more difficult than "capturing the feeling" of the music... IMHO. I agree with what you are saying however, I do worry about being repetitive. I imagine the first year with LOR will probably have some of that. As time goes on, you keep the good ones and modify the ones that are lower quality, eve
  9. Not sure that I would agree with the assertion that having the lights mimic the music is a bad thing. I think there are certain songs that lend themselves to that while others are best when trying to interpret or set a mood. IMHO, a good sequencer would employ both, depending on what works best with the particular song they are sequencing. But then, I guess there are "snobs" in every group.
  10. I ended up going with the wireless. I have seen quite a few people that are using showtime central that are very happy with it though.
  11. Thank you. I am slowly pulling the first song together. I put a few minutes here and there into it, but will get more into it later when I have the time.
  12. Thanks Dave, the X10 will be used to turn on the blow ups, wireframes etc, but probably won't bother putting the controllers on them. With only 32 channels to start there will be some things that won't or can't be controlled with LOR. Started with the first sequence, the basics seem easy enough but it is still a difficult process to get just right. spent about 2 hours today on one... have the first minute of it where I think I want it...
  13. Getting ready to order: Basic Getting Started Package - 32 Outputs Product Number: PKG-BASIC32 Connector: USB485B & Wireless Linker Pair Software: Advanced I have played with the software and found it fairly intuitive. I already a dedicated PC that runs X10 modules to time everything and the FM transmitter. Our setup if fairly modest with about 20K lights and various lawn ornaments... we will buy more after Christmas when they are on sale. I guess creating sequences will be my new hobby, hopefully creating quite a few by next season. I hope all of you experts are available to he
  14. fairclb

    Feel Horrible

    I prefer to believe the best about people until given a reason that I shouldn't. I have to admit, carrying around your entire savings at a light show with no intention of spending it that night seems a bit odd though. In the end, I am glad it has all worked itself out, and you can feel good knowing you played a small part in a positive outcome.
  15. fairclb

    Feel Horrible

    If you aren't collecting for a specific charity, then donating some of it to her would be a valid donation. It certainly isn't your fault, but you wouldn't be human if you didn't feel bad for her! I hope things work out for her, and for your peace of mind.
  16. Great pictures! My son, who is 9, loves the lights and "helps" every year. Probably the coolest thing this year was a message from a friend in Texas who showed our video to her kids. Her son, who is 5, decided that he wanted his house to look like that, put his jacket on and was ready to go buy "lot's of lights". It was a proud moment for me
  17. I have been using X10 modules to set up timers for static lights for several years and they work very well. I would recommend encasing them in something to protect them from the weather though.
  18. Thanks guys, that is what I figured, but wanted to hear what others are doing. The SD card is another good option.. I will have to look at both again and see what will work best for my layout/budget.
  19. How does that impact timing to turn the show on and off? I currently use X10 controllers and my computer to start and stop the show along with Zara Radio to control when music starts and stops. Would this have to change, forcing me to manually start and stop everything?
  20. You don't need to hook everything up to LOR controllers in the first year. Not only would that be financially difficult it would be a daunting task to set up and program the sequences.
  21. I am looking to set up LOR for the first time next year. I plan to start with 32 channels. http://www.wowlights.com/ProductDetail.asp?Category=3&Product=48 The issue I will run into is the Cat 5 connection from my computer to the controllers outside. What has been the experience with the wireless controllers, or are there other wireless options that would work? http://www.wowlights.com/ProductDetail.asp?Category=3&Product=25
  22. I use the CZE-05B - Setting it up is simple and range is fairly decent... I get about a 1/4 mile with it before it starts to break up, and that's with the transmitter being inside my house. I would recommend turning volume on it to a little less than half, for me it would get distorted after that. I would also recommend trying different channels to see which one works best in your area. Be sure to check which are clear channels, should be able to find a list on the Internet, then check with a radio on those channels to see if there is any interference.
  23. I know the feeling here, a few years ago we have two outlets installed along the roof-line (running from a single 20A), and this year I had two more added, each running to their own 20A. I had an electrician do it though, that's not an area I want to meddle with and mess up! Using an animated display and some LEDs does help control the electric cost. I also only run it for about 2 hours on weekdays and 3 on weekends until about a week from Christmas when I extend that time a bit longer.
  24. Love the pics, giving me great ideas for next year
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