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  1. Just downloaded and tested Zara Radio... this will work much better than what I was using. I am getting ready to install it on the other computer and setting up the playlist. Thanks Lee!
  2. I have played with the trial version of visualizer... but, don't tell my wife that I kinda like the idea of having a wall of lights that I can play with throughout the year
  3. I have been using Windows Media Player and a scheduled task to start and stop the playlist.... I will check out Zara radio, it may be a much better solution! We do plan to order it in the next few weeks. I have a room that I can use to hang lights hooked up to the controllers so that I can see how the sequences look. I may just take you up on your offer to help once I get started. Thanks for your response!
  4. We have a moderate display in comparison to many, with a total of about 20,000 lights along with various lawn ornaments. I don't foresee adding too much more as far as lights go, but will be transitioning to LOR for next year. We are going to purchase the "starter kit" with 32 channels. We already have a dedicated computer that runs the timers, music (wireless to outside speakers) and FM transmitter, that will be used to run the sequences. I have extensive technical experience with networks, design and programming, I am hoping that helps with setting up the show and programming the sequences..
  5. We do ours Thanksgiving night every year so that the family can all be there for the "grand lighting". Then, we eat pie
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