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  1. If you check the ones from the big box stores, they all have replaceable bulbs. This was done due to consumers lack of understanding of the difference between an LED and an incandescent, that being the LED lasts thousands of hours and doesn't burn out like an incandescent does. The ones that were originally available had sealed bases, the big box stores could not sell them because Joe consumer couldn't replace a burned out bulb. Thus the new trend of replaceable bulbs, worst thing you could do to an LED. This allows moisture to seep into the base causing corrosion and contact issues. I have several of the originally available ones that have sealed bases which have no problems, I also have several of the newer style with replaceable bulbs that are constantly having issues. The only issue I have ever had with one set with sealed bases is I needed to replace one half of the bridge rectifier.
  2. I don't see any issues with this. I use one continuous string with C-9 retros for my roofline and have had no problems running the entire string off a single D-Light channel.
  3. I would opt for some type of LED flood using all super bright Pirahna style LEDs.
  4. CDI, MITS and HLE are currently doing preorders for the 2012 season, this will typically be the cheapest time to buy and large orders would not be a problem during preorders.
  5. Yes the controller can be used with the flood, just connect it to the board using the solder pads for the pigtail connector. You will need a 12VDC supply for each flood. The flex strip is a none pixel/digital strip, going by the description. One word of caution check with Ray to be sure this a commom Anode strip, does not say in the description on his site. Most of what he sells is common anode, but I have seen some common Cathode stuff on the Aliexpress site. You should be able to use the same controller with this strip.
  6. I'll second that. Thank you for hosting and looking forward to meeting everyone.
  7. I was experiencing a similar issue. After doing some web searching it appears it is a common problem with Windows 7. The solution was to be sure all machines are running the same workgroup name and on the Windows 7 box to change the network type to work from home. Apparently with Windows 7 if it is set to home it will not do discovery properly.
  8. Sure I'll be glad to split it with you.
  9. Do you address them if we order more than one?
  10. Just keep a roll of SPT1 or SPT2 and the appropriate vampire plugs on hand and you can make up any size cord you need.
  11. Actually there are several of us that do both in the central Florida area. You might want to check out the Florida home haunters group on Yahoo.
  12. I would be interested in 5 each of the Green, Red, Blue and White.
  13. The molded part is typically a couple of diodes configured as a rectifier. Check both ends of your cord most of mine have one on each end with a single wire going from socket to socket in a series formation. I had the same problem in December and found one of the diodes had shorted, I just replaced the pair with a couple of 1N4005s, sealed them and plugged them back in.
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