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  1. I am loving the new LED C9's that are flexible filament lights. These have finally excited me after all the many quality LED offerings. They finally look like the true incandescent that I use. I've seen the Wintergreen options: https://wintergreencorp.com/p/c9-shatterproof-warm-white-flexfilament-led-bulbs-15522.htm#F23V396 And the Holiday Bright Lights options: https://www.hblonlinestore.com/category-s/208.htm Are there any other vendors selling these?
  2. Thanks for the follow, just followed you back. 

  3. Where is your house?

    I live in S. Tulsa and also have a display, almost 23,000 lights, running on almost 12,000 channels.  6827 E. 83rd, from 81st & Sheridan, enter S. 70th from 81st.

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