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    not sure
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    I have had an interest in light displays for several years and continue to add every year
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    makeup, fashion, Christmas lights (duh)
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    grows bigger every year
  1. Ok so im almost done for this year but my seven foot light up spiral tree has a big area that's not lighting up right in the middle. Im assuming its probably just one bulb screwing it up and I am wondering if getting one of those hand held light tester things would help? I have tried randomly replacing like ten bulbs to see if each would fix it but there are over 40 bulbs out and nothing has helped. Please help I really want this to work! Oh and it was working when we first put it out this year if that means anything...
  2. Im starting this thread because I started REALLY late this year (December 1st) and am only a little over a third done. Im freaking out and wondering if I can hopefully finish before the 15th. My display isn't nearly as huge as some peoples, but its still a big under taking... So are there any other people who are a little behind?
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