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  1. These are so cool. I am going to build four of them that I can control with Light-O-Rama. Instead of using aSoldering Iron, I am going to use Plastic Model Cement. I use this stuff on Model Rockets to hold plastic pieces together. What this stuff dose is it melts a little bit of the original plastic and bonds it with a little bit of the other piece. Actually Because it takes two hours to set, I think I am going to use the soldering Iron to hold the cups togetherand after put on some plastic cement. I'll try to get a picture when I finish them.
  2. What are you going to do with the cannons, and if they are going to shoot how are you going to simulate that. Sounds Cool
  3. Do a search on Google and look for "Traffic Counter" or "Vehical Counter". It returns lots of results. http://www.sensourceinc.com/vc_basiccounters.htm http://www.vehiclecounters.com/ This May Help
  4. That is great - I have always been trying to figure something out that would work like this. [line] One Question how dose it work. Say for the part that says "Hear the Lights" the 'H' is using a light bulb space where the 'T' is in "Tune to...". How can you turn on the 'T' in "Tune to..." and not turn on the 'H' in "Hear the Lights" Sorry I Get it now the third channel is used for light bulbs that are found in both letters. Chanel one and two are for the bulbs that are unique to each individual saying. Is this Correct. [line] PS - Would there be a way to controll 3 sayings and if so
  5. Richard III wrote: Sorry I forgot to add the link http://www.christmasdisplays.net/howtovideos.php
  6. Heres a how to that you can find out how to splice a C-9 String to any lenght. Hope this helps Ricky
  7. http://www.lindsaylights.com/Technical/donation_box.html Ricky
  8. wrap a tree in light segments and then chase the lights up the tree and ave them fan out at the top to make it look like a firework exploded. (kinda of like the Leaping Lights Idea only up a tree) Just anIdea. Ricky
  9. I had built some of his letters last year (look at my picture to the left) He had told me that he was going to work on a how-to to show how to build a stand Last year he used the stand on his roof to hold his letters. This Is His Website ------> http://Lights4christ.com Ricky PS. Awhile backI had sent him a PM asking him about the how tos and this is his response From: JR V Date: 2007-01-17 15:31:02 Subject: Re: Mesh Letters Stand Probably will have all the pics resized and ready to put up on the website sometime next week. Been to busy packing up all the display stuff
  10. The channel Idea would be only if I had a bunch of extra channels (Doubt it) :laughing: The Rope light with the black out bars is a neat Idea. I personaly don't like rope light too much so I think I would stick with the C-9 bulbs. Good Idea (Glad I though of it) :laughing: Just Kidding Ricky
  11. I am thinking If I have enough channels of LORI am going to make the numbers computer controlled as a numer 8 would be seven channels. For a total of 14 channels. (that is a lot of channels so I may not do that. Ricky
  12. Dave and Justin what do you guys sugest I Love The Clock Ricky
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