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    Finally getting started on setting up the lighting display for my kids and grand kids.
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    Lowell Arkansas
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    Born and raised here in Arkansas all my life. I have a Loving wife of 36 years and three kids and 7 grand kids.
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    Christmas lights and decorations. Music recording and video work.
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    I have one 16 channel LOR controller and one CMB-24D with 4 RGB strips and one CCR. We have just over 3600 led lights. Trying to get bigger and better.

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  1. Great display. I too have looked at thrift stores and yard sales over the years and to my knowledge I have spent about $500.00 for all that I have. It takes a long time to get to where y0u have as many village pieces as a lot of people have. To me that is the fun of collecting villages. Great job o the display. Doug
  2. That is a great display. I love it. Still working on my setup but getting real close to being done.
  3. Well got more done on the villages. Still a lot more to go.
  4. Nicely done Vic. I love the projector. Looks like a drive-in. Nice and simple. Well I'm making progress on all of mine. I still have a lot more to do but It is starting to take shape.
  5. Okay things are getting closer tho it may not look like it. I still have a lot of work but it will be worth it.
  6. Well I have been researching the value of the Dept. 56 Snow Village pieces that I got for $380.00. From what I can find on line to replace what I have would be $1556.00. I think I made out like a bandit. The shop I got them from has extended me the offer to put anything I find on lay a away. I will be going tomorrow to see what he is bringing in. This is not all of the villages I have so there will be more to come. Doug
  7. It looks like it has been a long time on a reply so here goes. I too love Christmas Villages. I have been collecting them for awhile now. My most recent find was 22 Dept. 56 pieces that I got for about $380.00. I was trying to figure pout how I was going to display them this year and came up with this idea. Tell me what you think. Remember this is nor the final setup because I need to cover the shelves and get some trees. Doug
  8. What is the difference in indoor and outdoor any way? Just wondering.
  9. I have the twenty foot one. I think they have a sixteen foot one as well. I used 4 RGB dumb strips and removed the ball at the top and used an eye bolt and ran the strips thru it. but it about 7' 5" and had a eight strand tree. looking to have four more RGB strips next year and go 16'. I and hope you find what you ae looking for get your tree and dads flags up. Doug
  10. I went to Harbor Freight and got a 20' telescopic pole for about $80.00. Took about 45 minutes to install it. I have a small tree made with 4 RGB strips.
  11. I have been taking notes on what I like with others displays. I have several new ideas on what i would like to do next year. I have to start saving up to get another controller. I am disabled and my check only goes so far. I was wanting to do a 4th of July display but don't if I will have what I need. (We will see)
  12. LOL! My wife has lightened up on me now that she has seen the display. I think she is hooked also. She has already helped with some ideas for next year.
  13. Thakns for the warm welcome. I to have the madness running thur my veins. lol I have already got some great ideas for next year and have drawn them out so I can remember them. Gonna get one maybe two more controlers (oh what fun it is). That is if the wife doaen't shoot me first. I did catch her and my daughter sitting in front of the house watching the display. My daughter came in with a tear in her eye and said that she never really sat and watched the display from the car. I got a big hug from that one.
  14. Hello all, I just wanted to say that I have found a wealth of infromation here in the fourms. I have been afraid to say hello because I feel that my knowledge level is not up to par. I am from Lowell arkansas and this is my first year at having a display to music. I have one 16 channel controler and a RGB controler and one CCR. I have about 3600 lights and hope to have more next year. I have always loved to decorate for Christmas but never had the money to do what I have always wanted to do untill this year. I am disabled and have to have my youngest son and son in law to put the lights up and maintain them. I am lucky to have them help me. Thank for all the information. Doug
  15. This is our first year doing a light display. Only 16 channels and 3500 lights.
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