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  • My favorite Christmas story
    Waking up super early with my brothers, going downstairs to see all of the presents, separating them out into our own individual piles. We'd build forts out of the presents and sleep behind the forts until our parents awoke and we could begin opening the gifts.
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    Youngest of three boys. Both parents come from big families so we have a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles. Dad's family is spread around the country so we don't see them as often. Mom' family is local so we see them every holiday.
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    Sports - baseball, football, basketball, swimming, water polo.
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    Higher Education
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    Smaller than I would like it to be. Need more equipment (ladders) and more hands to help accomplish what I hope to accomplish.
  1. My first post is a new topic, I know I know.....not proper forum etiquette, my apologies. I've always had an appreciation for vintage holiday decorations and I've recently started to add blow molds to my own personal display. Haven't got around to thrift store hunting yet and I'm excited to learn that Craigslist is a hotbed of blow mold hunting. As I hope to grow my collection, I want to make sure I properly take care of my pieces of art. I searched the forums for any tips on storing blow molds for longevity but I was unable to find anything relevant. I live in the Mid-Atlantic and our weather can range from extreme heat and humidity in the summer to frigid cold in the winter. I would like to store my blow molds in our attic, which is susceptible to the elements (heat/cold temps). I am hoping that those of you who are more experienced in collecting, displaying and especially storing blow molds can give me some advice on all weather storage. Thanks in advance!
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