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  1. This is our second year using LOR and this is one of our 12 songs currently.
  2. This was the trailer, where are the rest of the vids?
  3. Unfortunately there are two large circular hedges on either side of my display that split each property.
  4. Thanks for the replies. As far as the tree, I just don't like that it stops at the certain points but don't have the ability to really go higher or further out. I have made a couple of hanging ornaments for the patio out of chicken wire and mini lights, so I was planning on adding these to the tree next year. Yes, the ground items are the big change next year. I have already built a few mini trees this year (as practice) and will be adding 6-9 of these next year. I just don't know if I should buy the 5mm LED's or M6 mini's to wrap with.
  5. I love static displays as well. I am at the point that I want to add a lot more......and make the jump to animation. I plan on using TSO and other Christmas songs too keep it relative to the Holiday. Here is my display this year. I took the plunge and bought C9 LED bulbs for my roof and perimeter lighting. The big tree wrapped takes away from the display, and I will do something different with it next year. I plan on adding mini trees and other items to the yard, as well as doubling the roof lighting.
  6. Congrats and awesome find!
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