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  1. Scot,

    I'm pretty well set with backup boards but let me know if you are unable to move the controllers and maybe we can work something out.



  2. Those drone videos are so sweet. Wanted to do one for my display but I'm 10 miles from the White House and everything is grounded around here. Nice display!
  3. I just use black. All the green shrink I've ever seen was really light and would stand out way worse than black.
  4. Yep, The thing about AL is every season with fingers crossed you kick on the show not knowing whether you'll see Christmas fairies with pixel dust or Christmas trolls with clubs!
  5. I would like to think something was driving those 54 controllers and 352,000 lights this year.
  6. Antiquated with no support, but works.
  7. I agree with Mike, My first Mega I worried about what to use and finally went with C6's. Love them, however, Over the years I have added five more fifteen foot midi mega's and spirals and used M6's. I went with M6's primarily because they take up less storage and are lighter. Anyhow, twenty feet away I can't tell the difference between the two. I think you will be happy with ether.
  8. Yeah, They usually discount them after Christmas until they sell out and that's it until October sometime. Must of been enough demand this year for them to bring in some more.
  9. I think the post is about AL software. Personally, I'd pick up an old PC running windows XP. Why add to an already buggy situation.
  10. HD is out of male and female spt1 plugs but still have inline plugs in stock Get them while they last. http://www.homedepot.com/s/inline%2520plug?NCNI-5
  11. Bill V


    That's a great question. I know I would be interested in buying some.
  12. GFCI issues increase with load on the circuit. A lot of times the trip is the result of many tiny cumulative leaks to ground not a single source. Sometimes adding circuits and distributing the loads will lessen the trips. Also just elevating your connections off the ground can help tremendously.
  13. I think generally the fewer the channels the more likely the chance for repetitiveness. It is not bad sequencing, it's just the lack of resources to be able to customize each song those resources- channels, come in time over the years in most cases. I have songs I have used for years that I am continually tweaking and refining and they look so different today than when they were first introduced in a 64 channel show why, not necessarily that I was bad at it back then, but because now I have the channels. It takes channels to change the mood or to convey subtle nuances, and that is the key to avoiding repetition and establishing uniqueness.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe bliss lights. http://sparklemagic.com/sparkle-magic-products/?gclid=CLS05ZOh0bsCFc07Ogod43MASw
  15. Back at you Stephen. I've got to get by your place one of these days. I really love your setup!
  16. Thanks, That's my side yard. One of these days I'll figure out how to take a panoramic shot that gets the front and far side as well. All I know is it's a fricken lot of lights.
  17. The difference between a C6 arch and one of M5's really is not discernible more than 15 -20 feet away. That being said, we use them exclusively on the commercial displays that we do. We just like the look.
  18. I have always been static at heart. Sounds crazy as I'm running 800+ channels but my animation augments what is a predominantly static display. Most of my lights are on at least 90% of the time with animated elements within the display like stars, leaping deer, birds, fish in the animated stream and of coarse some mega-trees being the exception. I think most of the old timers that started with big static displays never really give them up. Like mine, they come to a comfortable compromise between the two. There is just something about that GLOW!
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