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  1. Thanks Mike. Makes perfect sense.
  2. Could you expound on the dead-man switch idea. What is it physically and where and how is it incorporated into the system?
  3. How far away can the servo be from the servodog without having problems controlling the servo? I want to have something mounted about 25 to 30 feet away from the servodog board. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I was just wondering if I may have ruined the chip when I desoldered it the other night because I put it in backwards. However, last nights show things were working better. Not sure why this particular board seemed to be struggling a few days ago.
  5. Does anyone know what the left and right solder-in chips are for in the LOR board?
  6. For seven years I have had all my controllers inside the house mounted on a wall and never had any problems. This year I finally got brave and put couple of my controllers outside. The controller outside is sluggish. The tree thats suppose to light doesn't always light. I have checked cat5 connections and checked that the cat5 cable is good. When putting this board together I goofed and soldered in one of the smaller chips in backwards. I wonder if I may have harmed something when desoldering. Its put together correctly now. I put together 30 boards successfully so I'm confident that the board
  7. I'm talking about each 8 channel side of one 16 channel controller. I always hook up one 15 amp circuit to the left side and then another 15 amp circuit to the right side of the same leg but two different breakers. Then on the other boards I of course balance the load by using the other leg. I guess my main question is: Has anyone had any problems with having two separate power legs (240v) at one controller?
  8. When I power up both sides of my LOR boards I keep both sides the same leg so as not to have 240 volts at my box. What do you think? Is this a good idea or does it not matter to have 120 on half the board and 120 from a different leg on the other half? Your thoughts please.
  9. Thanks. I think I can sleep tonight. Metal sheds with closed doors are like an oven inside. I could have cooked our Sunday roast in there for sure.
  10. I just remembered this morning that all 26 of my lor boards are stored out in my metal shed. I opened the doors to the shed a few minutes ago and found it to be extremely hot inside. Will this heat ruin my boards? I'm worried that some of the components may be heat sensitive. This is the first year I put them away in the shed. (trying to keep wife happy ya know)
  11. Looks good. Congratulations on the success. It makes it fun when you see others enjoying your hard work. Don't know why, but for some reason we did'nt get any cars all month long. Couple cars a night if we were lucky.
  12. 20 small mini trees with blue and white lights 200 lights per color. 12 large mini trees with red and green lights 300 per color. Transparent c9's on roof line red, blue, green. 7 channels of each color. Yellow 4 wire rope light. 30 spot lights blue, red, green. 10 of each color. 10' arches with 700 lights on each arch. 7 channels per arch. Lights count about 43,000 rough count. 272 channel capable but using about 250. The white keys are about 8' long with the skinny part of the key being about 1 foot wide. 63 keys total with 300 lights per key black and white. Or maybe I
  13. North pole express - by jon schmidt Siberian Sliegh ride - by TSO Available in HD!
  14. I double checked my supply wires. neutral (ribbed wire) going to neutral on board. Polarized plug.
  15. Tony Furst, I sent you a PM. Tell me if you have received it.
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