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  1. Hello I have seen that chair lift with the characters many times on e-bay. If I see one I will let you know.

  2. thanks jody. the web address didnt help. when i opened up topics it opened up australia lighting www. leanne
  3. a few years ago i bought a christmas character chair lift. living in australia it became brittle and has gone to god. it is not being made anymore, but does anyone know where i can get one. thanks leanne
  4. a few years ago i purchased some garland light frames (half circles with holes for lights) from arizona light creations. Living in australia the frames became brittle in the heat. i placed an order last year but the company disappeared from the www. they have premises in paradise valley & two in scottsdale. does anybody out there know about them and like to help me somewho?????? thanks leanne
  5. hi im from glen waverley. have some inflatables & much more welcome. there are many more of us hiding out there.
  6. just been having a sticky nose at what was written. we in aussie land do strange things too. ie the things we wear under are pants are undies,. we go up lifts, we put cold things in eskeys, we have bbqs, with snags and more. try looking at a big garden centre. the frames they are used for growing tomatoes up. leanne leanne
  7. hi you will need to buy a step down or stepup transformer. my husband is a sparkie and he has set up a conversion for me. leanne
  8. hi try bob at yard inflatables. he ships to australia. yes postage is expensive, but there a huge choice. aussiebabe
  9. hi i am new to this. scott, i will take a rain check for the mo, but its good to know your services are available. thanks again leanne
  10. hi thanks for the link. i will get back to the seller and see what she thinks. again thanks leanne
  11. i need some help, please. i have found an item for sale, a 30" snowman snow making machine. it weighs 17 pounds, measures 16" x 17" x 32" and i can buy it for$US60.00 I asked for a postage quote to australia and by UPS $US455.00, and by USPS $US355.00. can any one help please leanne
  12. hi tammy the nativity is beautiful. well done leanne
  13. hi tammy havent been to planet xmas for awhile, pleased to find someone i know. looking forward to receiving my yard art soon. leanne
  14. i live in melboune. no, i have not ordered anything, yet.
  15. :)try the following links www.beatneon.com www.beatineonchina.en.alibaba.com leanne
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