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  1. Just seems to be the warm white...everything else holds up really well.
  2. Does anyone else have issues with the lenses on warm white LEDs discoloring? Mine that are more than a year old are almost yellow to the point where I can't put them on the house. These are M5 sizes. I really don't want to go to cool white. If there is a particular brand that you have had a lot of success with (maybe putting warm white lights on the roof for a few season with little discoloration), please let me know.
  3. I like how you used another piece of wood on the arm. Nice way to create depth. We will be trying the same with coro this year.
  4. Chuck, my main recommendation would be to minimize all of the sub forums. We are in the age now where people want to access things from their phones, and they want all their info in literally seconds. Also, if you had less forums I actually think you would have MORE traffic. People would be more prone to posting, as they would see all of the topics in a few sub forums, not dozens. I love and appreciate this site...just trying to give some feedback.
  5. I used the Christmas Lights Show package to create a 20' tree a few years ago. Last year we stepped it up to 25' and 4800 lights. 4 guy wires and anchors 12" into the ground. It has never swayed too much, but I think I lose a few years off of my life every year when we put it up. I don't see us going more than 25'.
  6. Does anyone have tips for attaching lights to barrel tile? I have C9's along the ridges now, but each ridge tile has a hole that I can put a screw in. The rest of the tiles don't have much room for anything. We are looking to put lights all along the roof (and possibly extending down to the ground) and want to plan ahead.
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