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    The Last Chimney of Christmas Eve
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    Morgantown, PA
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    I grew up in a very rural and traditional area where holidays like Christmas are well observed and celebrated.
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    I mainly collect, restore and sell electrical antiques.
    Lighting is a big part of that, and stretches into Christmas lights and decorations.
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    Truck body manufacturing at Morgan Corporation
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    My display is strictly incandescent and C7 or larger only. My driving principle is architectural congruity and simplicity. I do not appreciate "busy" and un-supportive displays.

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  1. Looks GREAT... makes me wish there were blowmolds of at least some of these characters...
  2. Thank you for agreeing on that point. Obviously the requirements for LOR are static - but the OP's full request effectively negates that. I explained in my other post that his computer must be current to safely use the internet. Using the internet and LOR at the same time is not a relevant consideration. It's a great idea to have a dedicated machine for LOR in addition to an "internet machine"... but the OP will have to make that call.
  3. Some of the advice in this thread is already outdated as it is. I would strongly discourage anyone from looking at "previous discussions" for any computer-related inquiries. Since the OP is going to be using the internet, they need to stay current on hardware, software and OS. Running an unsupported operating system on a computer connected to the internet is like jumping in front of a speeding train. The Toshiba Satellite series of laptops is one that I would recommend for build quality. Here's a general tip... it is usually NOT economical to buy a computer with "just what you need" because having one custom built/upgraded will get you more bang for the buck, like a quantity discount.
  4. Flameless flame? This is your best option: http://www.ebay.com/itm/350511953352?lpid=82
  5. It sounds like your house may have gotten an unfortunately-common cheap-*** wiring job. It's not something I would actively worry about until I were experiencing problems that could lead to voltage sag, fire, etc. It would be helpful if there were more details about your wiring!
  6. I've seen many pursuits of this idea and one that I liked a lot was one that used cotton batting with twinkling and steady mini lights under it... a representation of glittering snow.
  7. C9s are for outdoor *and* commercial-scale Christmas displays like the large wreaths, trees and other installations you'll see in public places... both indoors and out. I personally wouldn't use C9 until a 15 foot tree that was at least 7 foot diameter at the base. You want the ornaments, bulbs and tree to maintain distinct size ratios with each other. Bulbs as big as or bigger than your smallest ornaments won't look right. Since you're using an artificial tree, I'd be very careful - who knows what you have. The manufacturer is your best bet for information.
  8. The roof is corrugated metal, which has turned me away from using the magnets that clip on the bottom of sockets. I don't prefer them anyway. What I'm really looking for is cheaper magnetic hooks in a quantity of about 100 that are around $1 each, preferably less. The best I saw wasn't great, at $50 for 20. (Excuse the off-season glamour shot)
  9. Lot of paintwork to do, but hard to beat that! Christmas came twice!
  10. I've known about this site for about two years and have visited occasionally. There's a tragic story I have to share - I was involved in a car accident that broke both of my legs in places and has left me unable to properly walk for awhile. Ironically, this was also the year that I had planned my first serious display, clocking in at about 3,500 watts. I had the strings and the bulbs I ordered came, but they had to sit. I suppose next year I can double up a bit....
  11. Single post wouldn't support two links and images.... http://www.grandbrass.com/ShowItem.cfm?ItemNumber=SO3352-08
  12. Don't forget about S11 indicator bulbs. The larger socket might be a better fit in some cases because it could be glued inside the snout. Blinking or not, I would leave that up to personal taste. http://www.1000bulbs.com/product/5746/IN-0007S11R.html
  13. I have a few blow molds, some in cosmetically poor condition, and some that I want to redo with elaborate custom jobs. I've read all the information here about painting and restoring blow molds, but I never came across any discussion of original factory production materials and methods. Based on what I know about similar manufactured products, the factory would have had stamped metal masks that fit over the molds for each color and the colors would have been airbrushed on... simple fast, and effective. In my other hobbies, there are very many serious individuals that have spent the time and money to reproduce small parts and source original tools and materials. What if an effort were made to re-create things like the masks that the factories used? It would save tens and hundreds of hours of labor between individuals.
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