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    Mom of 9 and I LOVE dancing Christmas Lights!
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    Besides Christmas lights - Reading! And hitting amusement parks with my kids.
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    Mostly LED's. Currently 96 channels with just over 15,000 lights.
  1. The majority of my display (over 15,000 lights) are all LEDs. I bought mine from Animated Lighting. They are GREAT quality and fade nicely. I bought some cheap ones last year for the mega tree, and they were crap. (got them from Amazon.com - don't remember what source they came from) One entire string died out on me. They did do the fading that I programmed, though. Just horriblequality lights. I replaced all those lights this year with the ones from Animated Lighting, and they look much better now! I don't have new pics or video up on my website yet. I will next week. But if you check out the horrible video job from last year (recorded it with my regular digital camera which wanted to auto focus the whole time) you can see the fading. Please keep in mind that last year was my very first year at programming, too, and I wasn't great at programming fades. So the quick fading was because of my lack of programming skill - not the quality of the lights. ~Danielle
  2. Tim - Hopefully you're still monitoring this thread... Great video. I'm really exited to include a mega tree in our 1st ever display. I'm curious, because it looks like your tree star is about a foot tall - did you make it? Or is there a place to purchase lighted tree stars that big?
  3. Never mind. I emailed Christmas Done Bright before, and gave up too soon. They emailed me a quote.
  4. Anyone make a wire framed grinch before? Or know of one that can be made?
  5. Good suggestions. Didn't think of a custom wireframe. Thank you!
  6. I have the need for a grinch for my display. I really don't want to have to resort to an inflatable, because I don't want to have to use 2 channels (one for the fan and one for the lights). Hoping to go with either a blowmold or some kind of ropelight type thing, but not seeing either in searches.
  7. First of all - thank you Jen! That is just the information I needed. The telescoping flagpole idea looks like it would work to alieviate my husbands concerns about having a flagpole base in the ground year round. And Carrie - Thanks for your encouraging words. So far, I've found my "talent" to be putting music to lights. I have yet to do much besides imagine how the songs I've already done will look in my yard. For my display this year (the first one) I'm planning on having a 20' Mega Tree, Lighting up my large queen palms, adding little trees to the lawn made out of lights and tomato plant cages, I've purchased two pre-lit soldiers, so I can figure out how to light wires, and the wires for 3 snowflakes (still trying to figure out how to get those to "float") the words "Merry Christmas" - the letters to be individually lit, and house lights. I also have the need for a Grinch. Was hoping to find one made out of rope lights or wire, but haven't yet. May have to resort to a blow up. Only problem there is, I only want him lit for one song, and that would require two channels - one for the fan - one for the lights. So, I'm still in the embryo stages, here. I keep telling myself that it's only February, but wow! Does Christmas come this fast for everyone? I'm going to be using Animated Lighting, because 1) I need the capability of the brain, so I don't have to figure out how to hook my computer to the system, and 2) I am going to use almost solely LED lights, and want to have the ability for them to fade.
  8. Thank you! I'd appreciate that. I'm only planning on using 70 light strands per channel. 16 in white 8 in green and 8 in red. So, mine will only be 1/2 the size of yours. I'm also planning on doing all LED's so I don't have to get an elecrician out here to power this thing!
  9. I am totally, completely new here! We're talking - going from icicle lights around the lower gutters to a 64 channel, FM transmitted, display. and a 32 channel mega tree. (plus a star on the top). Only problem is - I don't really know how to build one. We get massive winds in our area (sustained at 45 mph plus, and have had up to 75, throwing an upside down wheelbarrow from our backyard into our living room) so wind - not weather (in sunny so cal) is my enemy. I'm really excited to join this group of talented people! Hope I can measure up, at least a tiny bit! :smile:
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