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    When I was 13, my Dad got me my first animation. It was a Tri State animated Santa. Still have him to this day!
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    Southgate, MI
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    I have collected Christmas animation since I was 13 and have collected Christmas items and ornaments since I was 5. I also collect Hallmark ornaments and have almost every ornament made between the years of 1973 and 2005. Love Christmas props!
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    I collect a lot of stuff!
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    Last open house I had 35 full size trees up, 27,000 lights inside the house and a 400# Christmas wreath outside that came from LS Ayres in South Bend.

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  1. They are from different sets as shown.
  2. These typically were paired with a huge unanimated Santa. Picked up these guys locally about a month ago. Love the old ones!
  3. Such a cute couple! These are both miniatures!
  4. Is Spring finally here? Time to get some work done!
  5. Just got this guy finished up. There wasn't much left of him when I started.
  6. Pretty much, they did a lot of custom pieces over the years
  7. I have a new shipment of OEM Hamberger motors. If anyone needs them, send me a PM/
  8. Anyone looking for a Mrs. Claus in a rocker? PM for details.
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