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  1. I'm so behind, I'll be putting lights up when Santa gets here.......Dave
  2. Hey Ryan, I have been working out of town so my display isn't up yet this year. I will probably be working on it right up till Santa gets here. 5247 Sugar Maple Ct North Las Vegas 89031 Dave
  3. Hope all will be well with your surgery, I used to live in Hawthorne. Too bad you couldn't sneak your display up to the tv towers you could see it from the top of the Luxor in vegas.lol
  4. Hello all, Vegas here, I know of three PC members here in town all of which use Light O Rama. My display is going to be very simple this year because I am working in Elko for the season, so my house plans in Vegas have been interupted, Last year we had 180 channels of led's including a 48 channel four color mega tree. Oh well there is always next year. Ho Ho Ho
  5. I have a Ramsey 25b for sale used it two seasons, went to a 100b this year make me an offer
  6. The LED lights I purchased were from Paul at Creative Displays. and in no way was I trying to make a disrespectful commenttowards him or his company, In my opinion Paul Sessel is one of the best venders in the business. The point of this post brings up that led technology isrelatively new to the world ofholiday decorating. as with any new tech there will be failures.
  7. Sorry to hear about your led failures, not a good feeling. I hopeInnovalite figured out the problem. I have 96 strings ineach color for 2007. There is no way I could afford to replace a 25% yearly failure rate. So far only three half string failures and I was able to fix two of the three. So all is well so far. Those two were a wire break at the very first bulb.
  8. OK, I was blessed with three more strings in each color.....life is good:waycool:
  9. Yes I did, He said it would be unfair to his other customers to break a case, and I agree with him, he sells lights buy the case. but thanks for your response
  10. Try Paul at Creative Displays http://www.creativedisplays.com He has great products and is good to us Planet Christmasfolks. fast shipping also.
  11. I bought a case of warm white and a case of blue LED snowflake iciclelights from Paul at Creative Displays, and I am two strings short of each color to finish house. If anybody has some extras it would sure ease my pain. Thanks
  12. I've used two rows of five on my chimney with 24 inch snowflakes that I bought from Lowes (Holiday Home)and ten lor channels. My wife loved them, I like your setup a littlebetter.
  13. Whats the best way to modify the lengthof LED strands
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