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  • My favorite Christmas story
    The first time I went into the city of Newcastle upon Tyne with my Mother to see the Christmas lights and Farther Christmas.
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    Northumberland UK
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    Married. Grandfarther.
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    Christmas lights. Walking my dog.
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    Water Production Operator
  • About my display
    Just started to sync my lights to music in 2013 with a 15ft (not so mega tree). With 53 channels 2400 white. 2400 green and 2400 red LED lights and a home made 4 channel star with 400 white lights. I will be adding 4 8 channel arches for 2014 and icicle lights for my roof line.
  1. This is my second year synchronising lights to music here in the uk. Mega tree 7600 led's,48 channels for the tree and 4 channels for the star. 4 arches 800 led's each on 32 channels. 7 mini trees 700 led's,icicle lights about 1400 led's 8 channels. Great light shows PlanetChristmas members. This is what got me hooked. Well done some great shows. A lot of work and $$$ but worth it in the end. Have a great 2015.
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