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    Murray, Utah, USA
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    Marty Slack of Christmas Utah
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    Harley Davidsons (Duh!), Classical & Jazz Music, Fly Fishing
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    Professional Firefighter: Operations Chief
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    I've been doing a large animated display for many years. I've had visitors from all parts of the world, including China. Go to http://www.christmasutah.com for more details.
  1. howdy Marty how u been?? Jeff

  2. Marty Blair here i asked a year ago if you would mine if i used your sequence for boggie woogie santa clause you said yes i also got the ok from chuck smith to use the planet christmas santa only going to do the santa and the trumpet player can you give me the height of the santa and the trumpet player and also the width of santa and the width of the trumpet player and how many lights did you use also how far apart is each light i will not take any credit for this only the hours spent putting it together will send all to your site thank you for your time Blair Melanson

  3. Bobby! Dude! I hear McDonalds has started using animal fat again in their french fry grease. Is that true?

  4. Marty how u been? Jeff

  5. I have tried to email you at christmasutah and even went to your website. I tried the fire website that you emailed me from all to no avail. Lisa and Darren have the info already suggesting a call at 7PM central time on Friday night or another night. I have the ability to conference from my home phone at no charge for 3 parties. Let me know and send me an email from your home email, I just can't get the Christmas Utah email to work. Talk to you soon John SR

  6. Hi Jeff. My wife and one of my daughters have February birthdays too!

  7. Hay Marty just saying hello to ya.....thanks for invinting me to your buddie list oh just seen u born in Feb 9th wow i was born in Feb 1st that cool Jeff

  8. I've got to get one of those pubs! It would look great in my front yard. I agree that it would make a nice Santa's Workshop. It's too bad it costs about $24,990 more than I can spend.
  9. Vending machine and coffee are two things that should never be used in the same sentence. Ewww! Starbucks may be a bit on the pricey side, but they get a lot of my business.
  10. I have used the cheap Lowe's paint for years. I go through several dozen cans every year. Most of it is used to seal welded steel that is in my display. It actually holds up very well and lasts many years. Since it is a flat black color it works great to blackout things in your display. It's well worth the el-cheapo price.
  11. It took me a while to see this thread. Sorry about that. I've overcome the slight hick-up I had with the FCC but I'm still not building transmitters yet. The workload at my grownup job is taking up all of my time. It almost kept me from getting my display ready, but I made it work (but it is slightly smaller that past years.) For anyone interested in a Ramsey transmitter I would highly recommend contacting the person Brian McNamara was talking about. He does top notch work. His name is John Friese. PM Brian or me and we can give you his contact information.
  12. There are several people all over the world who have copied things from my display. Most of them have contacted me and asked for permission. I think it's great! If it creates Christmas spirit and excitement for their neighbors and visitors it is a good thing. Many people have gone out of their way to give me some sort of credit, but they really don't need to. I think we are a community of people who loves to share ideas and make Christmas memories. I stole my bubble machine idea from Walter and Jackie Monkhouse. I stole my mini trees from Chuck Smith. My dancing PC Santa was copied from a design owned by PlanetChristmas. Tim Fischer inspired me to build a Mega Tree. My Virtual Santa came from Darryl Brown. The list goes on and on. We all get ideas from each other.
  13. Thanks everyone. Richard stopped by with his family the other night. It was great to see him again. I wish I could get out and see everyone's displays!
  14. Nice job Danny! One of the things I love about coro is the way the lights reflect off the surface.
  15. counterholidaylights wrote: Without knowing your exact situation I'm not sure what could be wrong with your 25. It could be a problem with the transmitter, or just a problem with its location and objects blocking the signal. The 25 should have a solid clear signal. I recently put up a webpage that gives a brief description of each transmitter. The page is still in the works and will have a lot more info soon. http://www.christmasutah.com/FMtransmitters.html
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