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  1. Christmas Delight wrote: Use X-Mas too.
  2. ErnieHorning wrote: Holy Moly. Those are a lot of big words:laughing:
  3. David Balch wrote: The AC is less than 5 feet from the main panel. So it would be okay if I upgraded to 60amp in the main panel. And then installed a new panel outside with a 30amp for the AC and 4 15 amp for the christmas lights? EDIT sorry I hijakced this thread
  4. Tony Furst wrote: Yes the original electrician ran 6 guage :shock: 4 wire cable to the ac unit which is on a 30 amp breaker. What if I upgraded the breaker in the main panel, and put in a small sub panel where the ac disconnect was? I could then put in a 30 amp breaker for the AC and a few other for Christmas lights
  5. Tony Furst wrote: Tony, Is it ok if I disconnect my a/c very year and then wire in my sub panel. At the end of each season, I disconnect the panel and re-connect the A/C. I am currently doing this...
  6. wirekat wrote: Kevin, How did you get 32' of pipe home?
  7. skibozo wrote: Hmm...I thought he WAS Willy Wonka:P:P
  8. How are the 'weather resistant' receptacles any diffrent than standard ones. They look the same to me...
  9. TED wrote: Errr..ted, He installed a 15 amp circuit breaker, not a 20. ALL of the ceiling fans in my house are wired on 15amp circuits with no problems. EDIT for spelling
  10. Mine weren't 6 inches off of the ground..they were mostly 2 - from the 2x4 scraps I used. They worked just fine. For the lights in the yard you can use yard stakes (like those3 found at walmart during christmas season).
  11. Trepidati0n wrote: This is great advice. I had a few GFCI problems this year and they were ALL corrected by placing the connections on a piece of scrap wood to get them off the ground. What will make your connections worse is if they are taped. When covered in tape, water can't drain.
  12. Philip wrote: I "fouth";) Light Lights Lights at the top. But the rest of the new setup is great
  13. ChuckHutchings wrote: You just like the north poles
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