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  • My favorite Christmas story
    I have too many, I love the Christmas with the Grizwalls for the decoration but am partial to the Miracle on 34th St, the revised version.
    I used to be on the school bus and would love to see people's christmas light and swore I would do the same for the school kids when I had my own home.
  • Location
    Florence, IN
  • Biography
    I love to decorate my yard more than inside the house. I have around 75 blow molds, I got addicted to them several years ago but have been fully setting up my yard for around 6 years now and just cannot get enough.
  • Interests
    Dogs, Cats, Christmas is my favorite holiday.
    Taking care of my elderly Mom and taking care of my husband of 3 years, took my 44 years to meet my soul mate and he support my addiction to christmas lights...
  • Occupation
    Computer specialist
  • About my display
    Over 75 blow molds, prefer colored lights to white. I live on 2 acres and this year is my first attempt to run lights all over the whole properties...cross your fingers for me the fuses hold and the lights do not dim. I currently purchased Santa's best walking reindeer so I'm building a new sleigh, so excited over that, I'm partial to snowman blow molds, still looking for gingerbread house, have the trees, boys and girls..cannot say enought.
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