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    small display of 30 blow molds
  1. I buy based off what catches my eye, in fact I do the same thing at bakeries whem I'm looking at cakes.
  2. Congratulations, thanks for the info.
  3. TPI santa with reindeer with the TPI mrs claus.
  4. Last year Dept 56 held a contest in which the winner would have a house built of their display. The winning entry was the Sockwell family display from Vineland NJ. I contacted Dept 56 but no reply as of yet, so I was wondering if anyone here has heard if this building will be produced this year.
  5. Me thinks someone likes ice cream. I gotta go with pie and ice cream.
  6. This is extremely insightful and he covers some of the major food groups as well.
  7. Great recipe blearning, for mint Nanaimo bars simply add 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract and a couple of drops of green food dye to your filling.
  8. This thread is making me hungry, I think I will go make a ham sammich, no on second thought maybe I should just pick up a bucket of chicken .
  9. Lot of good suggestions I would like to see the smurfs as blow molds.
  10. Great job on the display A.F. Nut, you sure have a good sized lawn to work with. I really like the Merry Christmas sign is it homemade and how do you mount it to the roof. In regards to "boring us with your pictures" feel free to bore us anytime .
  11. Thanks for the information. Bigballo do you know which metal molds they acquired.
  12. Hi, I have been away from PC for awhile and after reading through old posts I noticed references to Nu-Dell acquiring the Farley molds. Can anyone here please update what is going on with them. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for posting thisBill, it's great to see photos of old molds.
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