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    Computer tech, plays drums in classic rock and contemporary christian bands. been decoratating for Christmas for many years. In a rural area so many people enjoy it.
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  1. Any recommendations on the best brand of led bulbs for blowmolds and where to order from. I have several soldiers and reindeer i want to put them in this year.
  2. Edmirt

    GFP Closing

    I feel for you about your job situation. I am almost in the same boat, in IT for Siemens many years they bought a small IT company, moved all their IT people to it and started cutting benefits and pay to "make it profitable" sold it off to Atos who later on sold it to NSCGlobal, both are IT contractors. Helpdesk is in India and trying to do all support from there. Through all of this I lost 38 years seniority, roughly 20% in paycuts, pension and many benefits. Still working by a thin line but will be going soon, probably before year end! Crazy World. Hate to hear about GF I have several but want the Giant Santa, can't find in my area and shipping to buy online is too expensive. I may not be able to put my display up this year. But will get up a smaller one at best!!
  3. Hello and Happy thanksgiving. I am going to be outside DC in Centerville/Mananas area over Thanksgiving. Is anyone familiar with that area and know of a place that sells blow molds? I would love to find the 5 ft. general foam Santa. I can buy it online but shipping is $$$! I live in the southwest Va/East Tn. area and no stores in this area, that I am aware of. I am close enough to Charlotte NC or Knoxville TN. to make a road trip if someone knows anything in those areas. Thanks very much!
  4. I guess that is why he is the "X". Throwing ones sleigh away is a serious offense in my book! Hope you are able to find a replacement.
  5. I ordered this train from BJShopping Club on line and it is beautiful. The only probelm I have had is that the elf that comes up out of the caboose keeps getting jammed/stuck inside and will not come up. Has anyone else that has this inflatable encountered this issue?
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