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  1. Its already being developed look here http://response-box.com/rgb/2009/12/a-grainy-video-clip/
  2. Maybe next year we all can have one of these
  3. In that case there is a controller called the grinch it has 64 channels per controller no ssrs on board it works the same as the olsen 595 but has 1/4 the parts and the cost is about 30 dollars to build complete.Wjohn has the pcb.
  4. wow sorry I missed you guys. no excuse not to attend a mini less than a hour from me. I havent been folowing PC much in the past few years being that im a dyi guy and all. maybe next year..
  5. These are not dmx controllers so I doubt that the are compatible. But I have been wrong before...
  6. How about using audio to midi converter then input/output using this same plugin... Just put a mike near your Guitar amp. or radio then record to the sequence.
  7. Its a video game controller that conects wireless using Bluetooth. Come on every kid in the new world plays guitar Hero lol
  8. There is a new plug-in for Vixen that you can use the WII Guitar/drums/controller to : Build a interactive display (Kids can play you display) Use it to Program your lights (instead of tapping) The possibilities are endless I think allot of people could use this to entertain the kids. http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showpost.php?p=60912&postcount=23
  9. Lor has some great controllers. The renard ss line is DYI and Vixen controls them. To many forums with to little time I hear that. But you have to feed your addiction. lol
  10. For info http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6661 These all have onboard ssrs and are fully dimmable. they have 8-16-24 ch per pcb
  11. ronpottle wrote: http://media.putfile.com/ledtriks916
  12. Here is my newest ledtriks pannel http://media.putfile.com/ledtriks-test-2
  13. Yes jeff the Allegro chips seem to work better the require less voltage (3-5 v) also my laptop runs this with them. How much hmm $75 is close butI have enough parts to build 2 controllers Just need more leds We did a proto type order now that we know it works we will do a co-op. Soon.
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