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  1. Greetings, A while back, I read a post stating that Action Lighting was offering a 20% discount through Augustto PLUS attendees. Yesterday I called to confirm and was told that the sale is actually going through September 30th. Great deal!
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I have often wondered how folks that use the dmx gear protect it from the elements. Very nice design.
  3. Bill, I have five Hoey songs in my rotation and love them all. However, I went with the "original" Linus and Lucy. That, for me anyway, is just one of those songs that shouldn't be messed with IMHO. That being said, I don't recall the Hoey version so now I need to go back and listen to it.
  4. 1. I would buy the property across the street, knock down the house that is there, and build a parking lot and storage facility. 2. I would purchase and install one of those full-color 8 x 4 LED signs. 3. I would convert all of my lights to LEDs. 4. I would hire people to help me put up the display.
  5. I painted some rope light last year using the krylon stained glass paint. Did one light coat followed by a second coat a day later. It was a full week before it was no longer tacky.
  6. Last year I purchased some amber rope light from Action Lighting and was VERY pleased with the color match between that and the Target gold minilights. It looks orange out of the box, but really looked like gold when it was lit. Unfortunately, I don't think they will sell you an 18' length. I tried some experiments last year with the stained glass paint and was not pleased with the results. I think that technique is best suited for small sections on a wireframe that would be a nightmare to splice. In general, the stained glass paint, even applied lightly, was too opaque IMHO. For an 18' len
  7. This past year I ran 14 songs for a total run time of around 42 minutes. As others have said, rarely did anyone stay for the entire sequence, but a few did. Mostly I had several repeat "customers" who eventually saw the whole show. In fact, I had one family where the kids had memorized the playlist. I don't think you can make a show too long, so have some fun with the sequencing. If you have a long show, and people return, they will see something new each time. Dennis
  8. Bob Chrisp wrote: Bob, I see the "biner" question has been answered. No guy lines on mine. I used a base of 2" steel pipe sunk in about 1000 lbs of concrete. Has withstood two hurricanes and a tropical storn without so much as awhimper. Dennis
  9. I have seen as many ways to do this as there are Mega-trees, so I guess a lot depends on your preference, your application, and what spare parts you have laying around the shop. I drilled two holes at the top of my pole, inserted eye bolts and attached pulleys. Then I tied a huge "biner" to the end of each rope (I got these at Home Depot and think they were called Carry-Alls). After running the lights through the "Biner", I hoist them to the top like a flag. This method has supported a 24' tree with 9,600 lights. The picture is terrible, but maybe it will help fill in some of the details.
  10. Zac, your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. I am so glad you are here. ;)Although I might have gone the WD-40 route, I never considered shoving rope light into one of these. They look awesome, so I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea. Dennis
  11. thyno z wrote: Thyno, I roll mine into balls of 300 lights. The way my display is done, that saves me a little time at set-up. Plus, I have44 "composite" 300 light strings that are zip-tied to a fixed length (mega tree, arches, etc.) Iuse the cheapest containers I can find (mostly Sterilite). These will probably hold a lot more than 2,400, but to store them in the attic, I have to step over some duct work while ducking. My back can't take much more than that. :laughing: Dennis
  12. LOL, I think I messed up and stacked a couple full of extension cords on top of an empty. Dennis
  13. Jeff_Womack wrote: I have to agree with Jeff on this. The Target lights were much malinged by some members of this forum, but I don't agree. I put out probably 15,000 new Target strands this year and only had 4-5 strings that weren't perfect out of the box. For a cheap mass produced item, I find that failure rate perfectly acceptable. There were also some that criticized the wires not being twisted enough, but I personally find that to be a positive (didn't have to spend a lot of time streatching them out). The gold and purple cannot be found at the other mass discounters, so I pick
  14. thyno z wrote: Thyno, Sometimes the buzz is very faint and hard to hear if there is any background noise. Someone here (maybe Carrie) suggested using one of those kid stethoscopes. I haven't tried that yet, although it sounds like a good idea. Just wait for a quiet moment and get you ear really close to the lights. BTW, I bought the tester from CDB and, in my opinion it paid for itself in about 30 minutes. Not so much in terms of saved lights, but in saved aggrevation. Dennis
  15. Thyno, I use the 18 gallon containers and store 2,400 minis in each. This leaves a little head room in the container so the lights don't get crushed by stacking and the weight is about what I can comfortably handle (but remember I'm old). Dennis
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