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  1. https://youtu.be/7nhFo0SOx0g
  2. Home Depot has the following on sale: Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Score Wireless Speaker Set with SKAA Technology for $64.88 (marked down from $149, originally $199 in 2017) www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-18-Volt-ONE-Hybrid-Score-Wireless-Speaker-Set-with-SKAA-Technology-P765/301045697 Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Score Secondary Wireless Speaker for $25.88 (originally $99) www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-18-Volt-ONE-Hybrid-Score-Secondary-Wireless-Speaker-P761/301045683 They are highly rated. I think they will be a good way to spread music around the yard...
  3. Light flurries are on sale at LTD Commodities: http://www.ltdcommod...0043&navCount=0 And ABC Distributing (same company, different name): http://www.abcdistri...0014&navCount=0 $59.95 plus shipping. Seems like a reasonable price.
  4. Really impressive. We saw the video on our local news last night. Jacksonville, FL!
  5. I've done you one better, Bill. My setup is run by wireless Light Linkers. So I just plug one into my labtop and can control the whole setup from anywhere on the property. RO
  6. What all are you looking for? I have 22 strings of blue icicles, 100 bulb, m5 shape, full wave, purchased from Travis (LED Holiday Lighting) last year. 19 strings used one year (and all worked great) and 3 new. I had ordered the 5MM size, but got these instead and too late to change them out. If you're interested, we can work something out... RO
  7. Stopped by this morning (Jacksonville, FL)...they have cases of extension cords left (40', 25', 25' with triple block, 15', 9'), all 75% off. They were way overpriced to begin with (e.g. $25 for 40'), but at 75% off makes it a deal. I even left some for you all...
  8. Hey Mandarinlights! We saw your display last year and can't wait to come by this year. The first day it doesn't rain... We are up an running at: 3258 Loretto Road Jacksonville, FL 32223 Give us a honk if you come through! RO
  9. I have a dozen I bought from Darrell and love them. I would buy another dozen at this price. BTW Bill and Michael, I haven't gotten around to posting our thanks for the work you all put in the Mini. My wife and I had to leave early, but had a great time. RO
  10. Yes! Here are our crank ghosts that we have used for a number of years now: We are coming to the Florida Mini; I can bring all the pieces, if you like. I doubt there will be a suitable place to set it up though. RO
  11. We all went through this corrosion problem two and three years ago. I lost 21 strings Phillips blue LED icicle strings in 2006. The solution that was suggested that worked for me was to dip each entire string in a bucket of WD40 before putting them up. Things get pretty messy, but I had 21 strings of the Phillips blue LED icicle strings make through two seasons and 21 strings of the Home Depot white LED icicle strings (the ones with the plastic snowflake over each bulb) make it through 1 season, with no evidence of corrosion when I took them down. For those who have a large amount of these s
  12. My wife and are will probably be able to make it, but won't be able to confirm until later. Looking forward to it, though! RO
  13. Gary, You convinced me. I just got a used one off ebay for $22 with shipping. The things retail for over $200...I guess you still can get deals on ebay! RO
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