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  1. Thanks Scott and Doneal. They are the poloron post lamp. I also went and looked at blowmolded.Should have did that from the start. Thanks......
  2. Poloron post. The hunt begins......
  3. Not sure if it's a post top or candle flame,but I'm looking for info to try and get replacement tops. No info on the mold itself. Thank you
  4. It took a little over an hour to make. And yes,it lights up.
  5. Yeap. I noticed the base was different than other candles plus it had to be a smooth candle to get the wrap on. Don't see many of those.....
  6. Finally got around to making a candy cane streamer. Might add a few more candy canes.
  7. I like the side by side photo.It shows the detail is almost exact,if not,and the size differance.
  8. Possibilities are endless. I did know grand venture was a company and not a manufacturer. I understood from way back that they had gotten a hold of old poloron molds. Seems odd they would make new molds,but apparently they did. Remember the old 31"..no 32" snowman.LOL. Seems everybody made it in a differant size. Sunhill made that snowman as well as empire,tpi...etc
  9. Yes. The one pictured is a old poloron mold made by grand venture. GV made many old poloron molds and a few new designs as well.
  10. Here is what the Grand Venture and Empire candles look like. Yours looks like it was ruff cut to that opening
  11. Hope you don't care if I take a shot at it. The candles look to be early poloron. The candle tops,drips,and stripes are identical to poloron and later grand venture.The base of course is not the same as the ones we are used too,and I never saw a "noel" candle in that style. The small snowman is likely early TPI. I don't think drainage made anything under 22" (table tops),and it has the details in the scarf that no other manufactures used. Very similiar to all of tpi snowman scarfs and the 31" snowman we are used to seeing.The 31" snowman also had detailed gloves.
  12. Thought I'd "update" an old wreath
  13. Seen driving through Dix Illinois
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