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    My favorite Christmas story is every year when i write a new one with my kids.
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    Virginia Beach
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    City Planner, Outdoors lover, father
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    Football, my family, hunting
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    City Planner
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    I love blow molds. I have always been drawn to them. I just got the Santa Clause and Sleigh. I found out I live really close to one of the biggest makers, General Foam, which is great.

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  1. Don't do it. I don't even have facebook anymore. And my wife is on the BLM facebook group and it has become a nightmare over the past 4 years. People are rude. People act like their idea is better. People complain about prices, quality, and everything in between. It makes it not fun. Sadly, thats what facebook does.
  2. Good Morning Universe. LOoking for the old DIY, How-to, Info pages that used to be on here before they changed the site. I need to repair a very old blowmold's plastic. If you could send me the info on how to or the link to where it is would be appreciated. Steve
  3. How can I post albums?  I can't figure it out this year.

  4. salamber

    Lambert Christmas 2016

    Our outdoor Christmas Lights this year.
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