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  1. For many years I have used arches to outline our yard. I use 1/2 PVC and wrap them with only 1 string of 100 count lights. I also place them at 8 ft wide.
  2. yeah, I was only able to buy one box ($3.20) and my wife bought one as well. I guess saturday the whole family will be shopping!
  3. I just found a 40% off coupon and that would make.them a pretty good deal!
  4. I wasnt able to buy as many lights as I needed at the end of last season. Now I could use more lights (who couldn't?). I usually wait until Wal-mart puts their lights out but I am curious, is there somewhere we can buy them this time of year for about the same price as Wal-Mart? Thank you! Jim
  5. This year I am adding a life size nativity display from Winfield. I would like to add a short story of Jesus birth. Does anyone have or know where I can get an audio file for this? I have used the one from Charlie Brown in the past but now I am looking for something a little diffrent. Thanks! Jim
  6. Thanks Brad, I am moving forward in trying to find help. Hopefully I will be able to find a group of people to help.
  7. For a few months now I have been discussing the possibility of bringing pack to Lincoln a drive through Christmas Light park. I am still waiting to visit with the Mayor and get the cities approval but they seem very positive about the idea. The goal is to build from what the Boy Scouts had started but with almost all new displays and a few more things. This would be more of a community event versus a fund raiser for the Boy Scouts like in the past. I am looking for people to help me organize this event. I have been to Lincoln Electric, the Journal Star, Channel 10/11, 3 eagles communication and a few others but I am at the point where I am going to start needing help. SO if anyone is interested in helping, let me know and we can discuss things a little more. Today the mayors office called and said we have time so lets visit in July and I am like what? That only leaves us 4 months! LOL Let me know if you are interested. Jim
  8. My wife and I are meeting next week with the Boy Scouts to reorganize a drive thru Christmas display. They had been doing it for years and stopped in 2004. http://www.cornhuskercouncil.org/lincolnlights/sounds.asp Now we are meeting to get it going again. Has anyone done this before? Would you be willing to share your ideas with us? Thanks Jim
  9. Prime before you trace and cut out? Perhaps I am doing it wrong? I wait until I have everything cut out and then I prime and paint. Jim
  10. here are a few pictures of our mini arches. We used a 100 count light string and used three colors on each. Next year we want to try 2 channels on each but we shall see since I don't want to add anymore channels (for me 88 is plenty). We used pvc and I had some steel rods welded together that I put into the ground about 8 feet apart. THis year I had to add guide wires on them to keep them straight (we moved to a WINDY area! Jim http://picasaweb.google.com/jimboaverill/2008ChristmasHouseLights
  11. My wife called me at work and told me the news crew was out front filming our entire show! I did see two spots of the show on TV but that was it. It did increase the traffic tons! Check out the video at http://www.klkntv.com/global/video/popup/pop_playerLaunch.asp?clipId1=3273445&at1=News&vt1=v&h1=Impressive+Holiday+Light+Display+In+Lincoln&d1=64500&redirUrl=www.klkntv.com&activePane=info&LaunchPageAdTag=homepage&clipFormat=flv
  12. Menards has them for .99 cents and a mail in rebate that makes them FREE!!!
  13. Hi Javerill... I have added your name to my Friend list. Bob

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