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  1. Hi All, Thanks for the first wave of responses. A few questions were posed to me regarding the large light project. Our budget is only in the range of $55K and almost $20K will be OT for police toguard the event after dark. We have a mixed team on whether to mix mediums in our groupings. Lights, in general, will not be the cost problem. Twinkles are already available. I am alsoa 2-D/3-D artist. I usually make 8' murals on butcher paperfor the walls of the council chambers at Christmas. Transferring art with an Art-O-Graph to a piece of 4'X8'(or bigger)plywood and bracing it will be no problem
  2. Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the world of Christmas lighting. I am the Parks Sign Tech. for the City of Irving,TX. We have expanded our lighting area this year but our budget did not expand with it. We are planning a strolling sidewalk display.The displaywill be on the slopingbank of a canal butwill be viewedfrom across the water at 150-200' distances. (No safety concernswith tripping or children in the mix.) Having said that, we have planned to buy a 2-3 large displays of lighted wire-frames. The scenes will be approx. 20' each. This leaves a considerable amount of bank-line with no ar
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