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  • My favorite Christmas story
    It's not so much a story, but one of my favorite Christmas memories was from 1960. It was a Saturday. Christmas was 4 days away. School was out for almost 2 weeks. It was snowing. I was with my Dad driving around from hardware store to hardware store. (There were no Home Depots of Lowes yet). We were searching for green dyed sawdust, which we sprinkled on our American Flyer train platform to simulate grass. (That's how it was done back then). All was right with the world, from the eyes of a 9 year old boy.
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    Chalfont, PA
  • Biography
    From the story above, I grew into a major Christmas nut. We had a display that drew close to 30,000 visitors. I even put in a 1/2 acre stone parking lot that held 100 cars, so people could get out and walk through the display. I think what made the display unique was the items that I built. Of course there was 10's of thousands of lights. But there were over 30 large (over 10 foot long) Christmas scenes.The display is somewhat less now.
  • Interests
    Actually that's the primary reason I searched out Christmas Planet. I restore horse drawn sleighs. Mostly they have a strong Christmas theme. I supply a large Christmas store in Michigan that told me one of my sleighs were sold to a Hollywood studio.
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    restore sleighs
  • About my display
    The sleighs are affordable and would make the perfect "old world" addition to any 21st century display. Please call 215-518-5682 for more info.
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