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  1. We moved from Dallas to the Austin area a bit over a year ago. We wound up falling in love with a house on Main St in an old suburban town.The house is nearly 100 years old. Two of the biggest parades in Central Texas pass in front of our house including the lighted Christmas parade. A major part of our discussion with the realtor at the time was to discuss the atticude toward Christmas decorations and what would it take (permit wise) to build a storage building on the lot. I would not have wanted a house that was not conducive to Christmas decor. The Dearings in Montgomery, TX have a huge
  2. One more of the tree without the cross on. Merry Christmas, Forest
  3. Here is another shot of the Cross during sequence. Merry Christmas, Forest
  4. I increased the height of my Mega Tree from 18ft to 22ft this year. I have 12 slices of 400 clear lights each. I have also contructed a 7ft PVC cross with clear and transparent blue c9 bulbs. I mounted this cross to the mast of my Mega Tree. at certain times in my sequences the cross fades in as white and then fades into blue and out. I have attached a pic for you to see. Merry Christmas, Forest
  5. I might suggest that you cut circles of white coroplast to put over the red C7's to difuse the light to look much more like a target. My 2 Cents Forest
  6. Last season, I talked with Bill Foley and he was making a 3 dimensional star at the time. You could PM him to see if he is still making them. In a similar thread he refers to a website that show a great star. You can find it at NevadaChristmas.com. Have fun, Forest
  7. Does anyone know the diameter is of the multicolored rope light thatWalmartis selling this season? I am going to make a lollypop with it by making a flat spiral on a round piece of 1/2" plywood. I am trying to calculate whatsize cirlce to plan on. The diameter of the rope is critical to my calculation. My guess is that it is 1/2". I am not at the house to measure it and would like to purchase the plywood on my way home from work today. Thanks, Forest
  8. I bought 2 of them (24") at Lowes last year to use for my tree top on my mega tree. See my avitar with my mega tree. They are 6 pointed. I put the 2 of them back to back last year. This year I am going to face both of them forward because I have a controller and will use them accordingly. It seems like I paid about $20 for them last year. I am not sure if they have them again this year. Have fun,Forest
  9. I have been working on prep work since the second week of September. For me, the hardest part is putting C-9s on the eaves. That 20 ft. extension ladder is a bear to lug a few feet at a time. I started today doing the eaves. I completed the peak of the roof. The remainder is straight runs. I will get some more done tomorrow. I have put screws in place over the windows to drop the garlands on and I have put mounts for some 8 ft. candy sticks that I have created. We have company the next 2 weekends so I will be in full swing the second weekend of November. Have fun, Forest
  10. Griswold, have you checked Hobby Lobby for satin finish lights. I was at the HL in Austin a few days ago and they have satin finished golds, purples and whites. 50 light string under $3. Have fun, Forest
  11. I had a brain child over the weekend to call Regal Plastics (big warehouse) here in Austin to see if they would sell small quantities of coroplast to individuals. I was thinking they may only sell to the trade. The lady was very friendly and said they are happy to sell to the public. I just called them a bit ago and they quoted me $12.00 per 4x8 sheet and they sell any quantity as low as 1. Colors are $14.00 per sheet. I am amazed at their price because I emailed a local sign company that quoted me$50 per sheet. If you have a Regal Plastics (http://www.regal-plastics.com/index.html) in y
  12. I am going from a static display to 16 channels this year. I plan to animate my 20' mega tree. 12 channels -- 12 slices clearminilights spaced about 3 inches apart (total 72 strings). 2 channels -- 2 2ft Lowes snowflakes(1 behind the other) for the tree top 2 channels -- I have built a 7 ft cross that I plan to mount to the mast of my mega tree. 1 channel is clear lights and the other channel is blue. I have a couple of songs sequenced (Silent Night for one) where the white cross fades in gradually as the tree is animating. Eventually, the tree fades away and leaves the cross. More tree
  13. I was at a Home Depot last night and the managers were buzzing all around the Christmas stuff. I asked them when the Christmas stuff would go on sale. Their answer was for Black Fiday this weekend most everything is going to 30% off. The ad actually breaks today (Thursday) when they open.
  14. I bought timers from Target this year. They are GREAT!. Each one has a 15 amp capacity. It has 6 plugs available. Each plug is weather protected. The timer on the back side is weather protected as well. The timer is digital. You can program up to 6 separate on and off events. Each event can programmed 5-2-1-1-7. It has a heavy duty cord. I started out with 3 of them at $19 each until I sat down with a spreadsheet and figured out that I needed 2 more.
  15. My mega tree mast is 14 feet tall. I made it of 2" PVC. Ithold up 2400 lights.It is jointed about every 4 feet with a threaded coupler which is glued to the end of each section. The threading helps to add strength. I have it guyed with 3 wires from the top and 3 wire near the center. The reason to use 3 guys at each level is because of the strength of triangulation. I would not want to add much more than about 2 feet to my 14 foot mast without changing to steel pipe. I was really afraid the PVC would snap before I got the guy wires attached.
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